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Cadenza Maw Threnton

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Partnered with: Yvette Caseretti

Name: Cadenza Maw Threnton

Species: Siphtile, more commonly referred to as "Chupacabra"s because of their diet and physical similarities to the human fables

Gender: Female

Age: 30 Solar Rotations, about 21 human years

Weight: 683 lbs

Height: 7' 2"

Reason for entering: She's looking for her big break in acting and her manager got her an audition.

Tends to be a typical "ditzy" actress. She's very friendly and outgoing, and is one of the types that seems to be friends with everyone. As long as you're even remotely pleasant to her, she'll be amicable back. When she does dislike someone she tends to give them the cold shoulder and pretend they simply don't exist. She's known to be quick with a sharp tongue if the situation calls for it, particularly when someone is insulting her friends, but often flounders when the insults are directed at herself.

Special Abilities: None

Her size and weight make her difficult to push around.

She's had basic stunt training and exercises a lot to keep herself "looking the part". Because of this she's "averagely" strong for a Siphtilian, which is still pretty strong compared to most other species.

She is an exceptional actress and once she's "in character" it can be hard to jar her from her purpose. She can be cued to start/stop acting and to a degree it is an involuntary response, though she does well with acknowledging who she should take stage directions from. If given the right prompts this trait can be "weaponized".

Because of her nature she is more likely to screech and run if someone attacks her, and would never start a confrontation herself. The only reason she would ever fight back against someone is if she was cornered, and even that would only be enough to get her an opening to escape. If she causes anyone harm she will apologize profusely, even as running away. This extends even to things that clearly have the intent to kill her.

She's terrified of heights, to the point that even standing on the front edge of a stage will panic her. With lesser heights she does well at hiding her fear, but even if asked to jump from a step as low as 2 feet in height she will adamantly refuse. Steep staircases and the catwalks above the stage are her enemies, the only reason she will brave either of them is for the sake of her career. When on the catwalks (or anything tall with railings) she will need to have both hands on the railings at all times. Despite her steps to overcome her fear and appear normal, she has been seen on her knees above the stage with her knuckles turned white with the force of her gripping the edges of the catwalk. It is important to note that even if she seems calm on stairs, catwalks, or raised steps, she is having a panic response internally. If she is knocked from any "unusual" height, even if falling from it would cause her no physical harm, she will scream and often fall to all fours once she  is back on solid ground.

Because she's a vegetarian contrary to her genetics, she needs to eat more often than most and tends to have a variety of snacks on her person at any given time. Should she be deprived of food for more than four hours she's prone to fits of dizziness and blurred vision, increasing in intensity until she eats or passes out. Her symptoms can be viewed as being similar to diabetes. Sometimes she can make it the full time between meals without needing to eat, other times she'll need to have a snack to tide her over as short as an hour apart. It mainly depends on her level of activity. Her reserves in her purse are open ended. While she brings along however much she think she will need to get her through the day, it is up to her competitor to utilize her running out as it conveniences their story.

Despite what one may expect from looking at her anatomy she has no claws on her hands or feet, and only has teeth (six total, three on each side) on her upper jaw. Again in the face of what one would expect looking at her, her jaw is remarkably weak. Because a Siphtilians' diet consists only of liquids their jaw is only strong enough to puncture their prey's unprotected skin with their front teeth. Because of their lack of teeth if they miss it's only slightly worse than being bitten hard by an elderly person with no teeth. If one does happen to get hit by a tooth the wound will hurt, but not cause anything to debilitating. While an average Siphtilian uses the punctures to suck blood (think chupacabra) because of her diet Cadenza would never do that and if blood did get it her mouth it would cause her to spit and do raspberries while running away. These are all common traits to Siphtilians and the lack of teeth does not have any noticeable affect on her speech patterns.

While difficult to do, it is possible to induce her acting to work against her, or her friends. Inducing it is made considerably easier to those who have anything to do with stage direction, or anyone she perceives to be giving stage directions. A Joe Schmoe on the street or in the audience would find it nearly impossible to induce, someone like a fellow actor or maybe even a stage hand would find it easier. While her acting when induced without her cue words is easier to break her out of, it can still be difficult to jar her. Power be to those who know her cues.

From the first time she saw the people on tv she knew that was what she wanted to do with her life. Her parents, while not fantastically wealthy, were incredibly supportive and did everything they could to help their daughter realize her dream. They enrolled her in every extracurricular they could afford to, from acting classes to singing.

Despite an outgoing nature and charming personality she never really made friends until middle school, where she met the only friend she's kept close Yvette Caseretti. Now her manager, the two have remained close since they met, and even attended college together. They're nigh inseparable and can sometimes know exactly what the other means without a word being spoken between them.

Likes Smoothies, parties, people treating her like the big star she hopes to be, her weekly spinicures (like a manicure but for the spines on her head) and deep tissue massages

Dislikes When she's really hungry and starts to drool, people who she deems as unnecessarily rude, her short legs

Though her species are sanguivores, she is on a vegetarian diet. Occasionally she can be seen ingesting chicken but that's her only acceptable "meat". Additionally 90% of what she eats will either be in liquid form, or she will suck the liquid from it and leave a husk behind. Because of her chosen diet she tends to leave lots of dehydrated fruits on her plate.

When professionally on set her acting cues are taken from whoever is filming/directing and vary from "Action" and "Cut" to anything that would be relatable, ie: "curtain" for the end of a stage production scene. When doing exercises with Yvette she responds to "Green apple means go" and "Banana pudding".

She considers herself a triple threat because she acts, sings, and dances. Sometimes she'll even comment on being a Quadruple Threat because she also likes to do a majority of her own stunt work.

She treats her spines like nails, and they are always covered in coloured polish. The colour changes fairly often as she loves to get spinicures, but even without access to a professional she will change the colour with a small collection of polishes she keeps in her purse.

Speaking of spines, even though they are sturdy enough to hold their form, when pressed against they're fairly flexible. They're more likely to bend or snap than puncture anything they come in contact with.

Her acting method is a mild form of hypnosis. That's what makes it so believable, she actually believes she is the person she's acting and so her actions and improve lines fit that much better because in her mind she -is- who she's playing. This comes with both perks and draw-backs.

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CorvusRavenProfessional Filmographer
I like chupacabras. I look forward to your audition c:
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Me too! I can't wait to start uploading. uwu
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ReverendAspenHobbyist Writer
Thank you for your interest, and my apologies for the delay. Unfortunately, there are a few things that need to be adjusted.

First, We need to know which of the two between Cadenza or Yvette is the spectator, if both of them are fighters.

Your character is unreasonably heavy. We need you to drop the weight down to no more than 700 lbs.

Unless her fleeing from confrontations is severe enough to cause panic and its related symptoms, it is not a weakness. It is otherwise a personality trait, and we ask that you list it under the personality category.

Her acrophobia is circumstantial and we cannot consider it a weakness.

Her physical strength subverts her weak bite, and we cannot count it as a weakness.

We can accept the issue of her diet and the effects of not eating as a weakness. However, we would need to know how many snacks are in her purse, as well as how many she needs before her symptoms set in.

As it stands, Cadenza has three strengths and one weakness. If you need help, you can refer to our Character Design journal for ideas.
dorkasslameo's avatar
Cadenza is the one there for the position, however since the two are rarely seen apart unless Cadenza is on stage or acting I believe you would count them both as fighters.

Her weight was based on the low end of what raptors were believed to weigh (one of her influence species). It's been lowered and I apologize for overlooking this in my initial review.

For your ease I've highlighted what changes I've made with italics and will remove them once it's been addressed.

I've left her fleeing in weaknesses whether it counts officially because it is a very ingrained trait and can be used against her. I've left additional notations on it in case you reconsider, regardless since people often only read strengths and weakness I'd like to leave it there so that others will know (even if they've only skimmed) that under no circumstance should she be considered confrontational in either starting, or finishing fights. If you are truly opposed I will move it, but like I said, I'd kinda like it to be there for skimmers whether it counts towards her official balance or not.

Her fear of heights is an extreme fear, as phobias often are, and is debilitating in many circumstances. I've added more detail to further indicate this and hope you will reconsider that a mental weakness is still a weakness that can be utilized by both myself and other competitors as they feel it will better their stories.

I expanded as well on her weak bite, I left that and many things woefully under detailed for the sake of not having an overly long profile. I'll move it to be a factoid under "other" if you'd like.

I also added what I considered to be an implied weakness with her acting to include further details, with an additional notation on her method of acting in the "other" section.

On my count that makes her original three strengths, and at the very least her debilitating fear of heights, her dietary concerns, and her acting being used against her. More for contestants who can/will use less obvious weaknesses against her. Hopefully everything checks out.

As an unrelated note, and I hate to be troublesome, but I had read through all of your journals repeatedly and know that you have only added that section after reviewing my character. By adding that and then referring me to it reads, to me, that you think I'm so awful at designing characters you needed to add a section for my benefit. Perhaps that was not the intent, but that's how it comes off and I'm offended by it. I don't really need or expect an apology (which I'm sure it seems I was asking for by bringing it up) but I would be remiss if I hadn't mentioned it.

In an additional unrelated note, long time no see since ToH, I look forward to working with the crowd again. uwu
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ReverendAspenHobbyist Writer
Thank you for the edits. Everything checks out, but we unfortunately cannot send the invitation for Cadenza's reference until Yvette's is approved. We also ask that you and your partner not start your audition until Yvette's reference is accepted.

Additionally, I would like to apologize for the gross oversight in regards to the journal. I want to assure you that it was not specifically directed at you, but rather for anyone who needed help or ideas for weaknesses. I was wrong to have not put that in when I first wrote the journal, and I am sorry for offending you. It was not my intention to do so.

And on a side note, I would also like to apologize for being short with you in my initial review of Cadenza. I did not mean to be snippy or impatient with you, and I apologize if I came across as such.
dorkasslameo's avatar
That's fine, I'm editing her ref only to remove the italics now, just fyi.

I accept your apology, although again I mainly commented on that explicitly because I wanted my feelings on the topic to be known. I didn't find you to be snippy, sorry if my phrasing gave that inflection. 

I hope I haven't said anything to make you consider my partner and I starting on the proverbial wrong foot, and look forward to getting everything with Yvette agreed upon so we can begin. uwu
ReverendAspen's avatar
ReverendAspenHobbyist Writer
No need to worry, I was the one who was at fault for not putting the information in the journal when we first opened. And I still offer my apologies for not doing so. We look forward to seeing your audition as much as you do to writing it. We'll send the invite as soon as your partner's reference is updated so you and Fudgie-badger can begin.

Admittedly off-topic, but you mentioned previously that you were in Tapestry-of-Horror. Out of curiosity, were you by any chance Merge/Carlotta?
dorkasslameo's avatar
I was yes! I have to admit I'm a little surprised to be recognized off the bat like that, not that I suppose my style has changed very much. How did you know? 
ReverendAspen's avatar
ReverendAspenHobbyist Writer
It was actually one of my judges who made the connection thanks to your comment, the familiar art styles, and the journals between your two accounts that both reference PlanetImpossibleOCT. So we didn't really know, it was more of an educated guess.
dorkasslameo's avatar
Ah yeah, I forgot I linked pi on my last account. Good detective work then! X3
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