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The Drink After the Daily Grind
Days go by with relative ease, time flows and monotony abounds
The grind required to appease, suffused through life the stagnance resounds
Alone with my thoughts I inscribe this futile verse that beckons me so
To the shadows I will ascribe, my insufferable poetic flow.
These days I lack the ambition to forge a new trail in the unknown
So I repeat my bland action in an effort to flee what I've sewn
And I consistently abjured the emotions that once compelled me
Such sentiments I once adored have at some point ceased to be
Moments like these still surprise me and conjure these ideas afresh
And leave me infused with the need to share with the masses and the mess
SO LEND ME YOUR EARS... your eyes.. and... well your other perceptory tools
You can all observe me this night whilst I join with other drunken fools.
:icondorisai:DoriSai 5 1
Sliding Down
So the spiral begins again...  The spiral of darkness and depression, of fear and agitation, of chaos and despair...
So the spiral begins anew...  The spiral of alcohol and nicotine, of solitude and shame, of guilt and regret...
So I am sliding down the spiral again...
I wonder what awaits me at the bottom this time...
:icondorisai:DoriSai 0 0
Angel of my Dreams
Sword in hand
I fight for the day
I can lay down beside you
And throw it away
These darkened shadows
Clinging to the edge
Tainting my mind
And blurring my pledge
I swore it to you
Time and again
With each new cycle
Beside you till the end
I'm weary of battle
And each swing is slower
These battles between us
Are driving me lower
Into the Abyss
The waters are drowning
My love for you and I cannot see
The light you're shining just for me
My Angel I know you're waiting
Longing for the day that I can be
Your knight armor, dark or shining
You'll always accept me for me
I live for you, despite the pain
Beneath this mortal shell my soul screams
I'll be reborn time and again
Till we're together, the Angel of my Dreams
:icondorisai:DoriSai 2 0
Agonizing Beats
You'd think that after all the attacks it's suffered, my heart would finally crumble to dust and leave me unable to feel, yet every day I'm reminded it's there with yet another blow.  Every assault leaving me feeling broken and useless, leaving me hopeless and miserable.  What could I have done in my past lives to incur this sort of romantic karma?  Am I doomed to fall for those I can't have for the rest of my life?  What of the woman I've seen in my dreams... is she real?  Will I ever find her?  Will I ever be at peace?
I have many years ahead of me, yet I feel so old and spread thin.  I can't help but wonder why I'm trying so hard, why I feel like I won't have another chance.  All I can do is survive though, and protect the feeble flame of hope deep in my heart.  I can't let it go out, lest happiness be just on the horizon.  The night is always darkest just before the dawn.
:icondorisai:DoriSai 0 0
Silent Sounds
What does love sound like?
Is it the playful whisper of your breath in the clouds?
Is it the soft rhythm of two hearts beating as one?
Is it the gentle song of emotions resonating between harmonized spirits?
None of these things are able to show such beauty.  They are merely ripples emanating from the source.
The sound of true and honest love is a silent coo of unimaginable comfort and bliss as I hold you in my arms.
Just before my soul touches heaven and you kiss me.
That's where the ripple flows from...
I can never forget you...
What does a breaking heart sound like?
Is it the unearthly wail of human vocal chords stressed to the extreme?
Is it the deafening roar of a world split asunder?
Is it the soul pounding thud of the sky crushing everything you are?
None of these things can encompass it.  These are the shockwave after the fact.
The sound a heart makes when shattered into pieces smaller than imagining.
It is the silent scream of unfathomable terror and despai
:icondorisai:DoriSai 0 0
Whispers Within
What does the soul speak of?
The mind speaks of progress and discovery.
The heart speaks of affection and connection.
The body speaks of growth and power.
But what, pray tell, does the soul speak of?
:icondorisai:DoriSai 2 2
Mature content
Sekirei Review at Episode 6 :icondorisai:DoriSai 0 0
I call them the Walkers.  I don't know what their purpose is, but they're always there.  At the edge of perception they pace, wearing darkness and secrecy like a shroud.  They seem to be watching me, waiting to see what happens, what I do.  They're always there, they never come any closer than the edge of my senses, and they never leave.  I've lashed out at them time and time again, sometimes knocking them back beyond my range, other times they dissolve into the shadows, but they always come back.  Who... what are they?  Why are they watching me?
:icondorisai:DoriSai 1 0
"What is your purpose?"
Those words had a bigger impact than expected.  They felt like blades of icy fire and black lightning, burning and surging through me.  I didn't know how to react, how to answer.  I was confused, flustered, and scared.  I shouldn't have answered, because I can't.  I did what I always did when no answer comes, I created one to fill the void.  This is an answer I don't... can't know.
There were other answers that I shouldn't have spoken.
"Have you hurt anyone?"
Yes.  Plain and simple I have hurt people.  I made some mistakes, misjudged the situation, and lost my head a few times.  I don't know what happened, though most people don't blame me.  I however blame myself, I failed, I made a mistake, I couldn't help them.  I always try to help people, no matter how good or bad they are, no matter what their problem is, no matter how well I know them.
Who am I?
:icondorisai:DoriSai 0 0
Umbral Haiku
Beautiful darkness
Sheltering my soul from pain
Night's loving embrace
:icondorisai:DoriSai 0 0
PS2 Controller
Black, like the hole you fill
Captivating my soul
Always giving a thrill
You alone keep me whole
The grips gone, rubbed away
Oil stained sides, two-tone
From much use, overplayed
You ensure I'm not alone
These buttons sticking more
I will not replace you
You are the controller
Of my Playstation 2
:icondorisai:DoriSai 0 0
Review on Tales from Earthsea
Being a lover of fantasy and of anime I was of course drawn to Tales from Earthsea. Unfortunately I've never read much of Ursla K. LeGuin's stories. I can see how many reviewers think the story is underdeveloped, but for someone who has been in and out of far too many fantasy novels and stories (and written a few for roleplaying) it had a fresh and easily understood plot. Yes, it could have used a little more explanation, but I feel they did well for the time in the movie and they gave enough information to give fantasy fans a good taste for the story. I must say it is impressive for Goro's first work by himself, and you can tell he is his father's son, however it does lack that spark that is in Hayao's work. It's a very close shot though, and only barely misses the sweet spot from my perspective. It was worthy of Studio Ghibli and well worth the watch. I do intend to read some Earthsea novels now to learn more about the world, and I recommend any who like what they're tasting here to
:icondorisai:DoriSai 0 0
Eye of the Storm
Watching the chaos swirl around you
Seeing that vortex of pain and gloom
Shattering shards of all you held true
What do you do when all is your doom?
Steal the rapid air and fill your soul
Ground your spirit in your faith in yourself
Cleanse your essence so you see your goal
Burn your passion and embrace your health
You will become the eye of the storm
The world crumbles but you will transform
:icondorisai:DoriSai 0 0
Walk at 330
I took a walk around about three-thirty in the morning... Worried about you and my thoughts spinning so bad I just couldn't sleep.  The brisk air comforted me but chilled me to the bone, and I looked to the open sky wondering what you were thinking.  A shooting star shot by... and all I could think of was "I want this to work..."  I'm tired of being lonely, and the pain I feel waiting for you is... well... indescribable.  But all I can do is wait, so that's what I'll do.  I sent a wish to the night sky, praying for our future, but I'm still lost without an answer.  My hopes, my dreams, my heart... they're in your hands...  And there's nothing I can do about it...  Please...  I love you...
:icondorisai:DoriSai 0 0
Twenty-one years and he looks back, wondering what he's done with his life...
Five years he was vibrant and full of life, already chasing girls too.  A brilliant child they say, a quick study and eager to learn...
Eight years, lives for a year in another state, an attempt for his parents to save their marriage.  It doesn't work.  The boy returns to his home state with his father and younger brother.
Nine years, he joins a Gifted Program in school, someone trying to channel his energy and focus his mind.
Ten years, he is sent to a special class for mentally ill students, he is too hyper and doesn't play well with others.
Thirteen years, he spends the last semester and the summer with his grandparents, released from the special class and attempting to make sense of the world again.  His memory is fractured and difficult to figure out.  He meets his first love away from home, and believes he can make it work.
Fourteen years he is now a fre
:icondorisai:DoriSai 1 3
Discordant Reality
The inhabitants of planet Airex are divided into two categories, those with powers rivaling those of gods themselves, called Masters, and everyone else, lumped together under ancient magic and called Minions.  No one remembers the magic that made things this way, and though some don't exactly like the way things are, there's not much they can do about it, since no one has the ability to change things.
The world is pretty peaceful, since most of everyone's aggression can be taken out in sanctioned bouts all over the world, not to mention the Coliseum events.  There is plenty of crime, but not enough to cause undue worry.  The biggest problem with crime is rebelling Minions or unsanctioned battles going too far.  Drugs are a popular item, and due to the many free clinics around the world, very few become problematic, and even less actually die from the drugs.  The setting is a renaissance and steam-punk combination, wit
:icondorisai:DoriSai 0 0



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