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Eye steps

By Dorinootje
Haha, this was fun! Hope it's helpful :3 Might do more in the future!

Feel free to ask if you have any questions ^_^


EDIT: wowie so many faves, thanks all ;;A;; <3

Even more eyes:
Eye steps #2 by Dorinootje

Featured art:
Sound by Dorinootje Uta by Dorinootje Sandra No Sekai by Dorinootje Nature Elf by Dorinootje pink by Dorinootje 
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Hi there! Thank you sooo much for this wonderful tutorial! Here's what I came up with:

Big Vibrant EYES
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Loving this! I'm having trouble with the transition between steps 2 and 3, can you do a video tutorial for that Sweating a little... (such a late comment!)
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You made them so beautiful! AND YOU DID BLACKOUT OH YES!!!
Whenever I try blackouts it always ends up looking like white pupil/iris shape D: 
But this... This is excellent!
OH but one question-
do you have any tutorials on how to draw ears? Like, multiple ear types some round and human variety some animal ears (not just cat, although a pair or two of cat ears wouldn't be unwelcome some other ones would be nice too, like horse or rabbit or dog or pig) and a bunch of different elf-pointy-type ones?
i keep seeing eye and nose and mouth tutorials on dA but so far no ears :(
maybe I'm just not looking hard enough
anyway thanks for this!
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OMG thank you so much <3333

but unfortunately I don't have any ear tutorials, it's indeed hard to find them! Ears aren't my strongest point, but I hope I can make a tutorial in the future!
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I think your style is too perfect and detailed to draw manga eyes, but you really pulled these ones off !
great job Love 
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thank yo uso much!
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you rock at art! this is amazing and really helpful! 
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you're welcome!
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Can I use this for something?
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Thanks, I should finish it in a few days
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Im still confused on to how exactly make the colors blend like that and such; Is there a detailed explanation i can read?
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whoops, submitted the comment by accident, but around 6:28 is the method I use to blend:…

so if you want to mix two colors, e.g. blue and green, you either use inbetween colors and blur, or you use the eyedropper tool like in the video ^^

If you still have any questions, please ask because I haven't written a detailed explanation yet :)
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In SAI there is a watercolor tool and blur tool with which you can blend easily, in Photoshop you have a blur tool to blur the edges, but mostly I just use a soft edged brush/ airbrush to blend.
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Lovely work - thanks for sharing your steps with us!
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thank you & you're very welcome!! :D
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here, have a fave, since the most i got ever is 3.
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I ran across this months ago and I've been trying to find it again, it's so helpful thank you for making it!

The eyes in this were made using your tutorial,  the lower one was my first try and the higher my second.
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Thank you for using it! Your eyes turned out really awesome! :squee: I'm glad the tutorial was helpful <3
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Thanks! :3 also, welcome, it was very helpful indeed :]
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This is super helpful! :3
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