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I realized that I haven't properly painted anything in a while, was sort of worried I may have lost the ability it to cartoonish artism. So I grabbed some lineart that I made a few weeks ago(those of you who keep an eye on me at legion ink will remember this one) and painted away.

took a couple of false starts and I still think the shading is a bit too toon, but overall, I like what I got from this.

Canvas stock is from ~nighty-stock
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Absolutely beautiful! I love the colors. I wouldn't mind taking an arrow from her bow.
SpartanNinja's avatar
It's beautiful. Just one little point, Cupid was male! (same one as Eros/Amor)
LinkinSim's avatar
Love this! Her hair and skin look awesome!
FXMorph's avatar
Love the fluffy clouds.
ShamiesArt's avatar
You finished her off awesomely!!!
ZeroExile's avatar
This looks wonderful mouse! Love the colours that you used. Nice picture for up coming valentines day :)

You mind if I feature this in the hello-sa gallery?
TheBeardlyBen's avatar
The skin tones are absolutely amazing!
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