Silly Lyra Comic Book - available now! (Update)

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It is here! The Silly Lyra Comic Book is available now!

Here are the details about the book:
- Printed on 135 gram matte paper with a matte softcover (feels nice and sturdy)
- 44 pages thick
- A5 size

The book is priced at $10

with $5 tax, shipping and handling fees

Available on:

Both Etsy and the tacohatstudios website allow for payments with any major credit or debit card and PayPal.
For questions you can write a message to:

I hope you all enjoy the book!

Update 31/1/16:
The first batch of books was sold out on Etsy for a short while. They are available to buy again now. Note that if you order now it will add a week to the shipping time.
After a couple requests it is now possible to get your copy signed. Leave a message in the buyer's notes requesting a signed copy and I'll make sure to sign the inside of the cover for you. You can also send me an e-mail if you've already ordered and you'd like it signed too.

Update 2/2/16
The first batch of books has been shipped. Everyone who's order was shipped has received a notification mail. The next batch is scheduled to ship next Monday.

Update 10/2-16
The local mail service has had a delay in delivering the second batch of books to me. The second shipment will now take place on Thursday, February 11th. I apologize for the extra waiting.

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Hopefully I'll have enough to afford a copy next month. :eager: by darkmoon3636 
Dori-to's avatar
Awesome, I hope you will!
LightningChaser42's avatar
It finally came after a month!!
Whoohoo!! \o/
:D (Big Grin) La la la la :happybounce: 
Dori-to's avatar
Good to hear! I hope you'll enjoy your book. It did take a very long time, though.
LightningChaser42's avatar
It's worth the wait in the end ^-^
Peruserofpieces's avatar
Just got mine, and I love it!  It was special enough just having your signature on the inside cover, but the super-cute sketch you included was an extra-special treat.  Thank you so very much for this!  :iconponyhugplz:
Dori-to's avatar
Awesome! I'm glad you like it and you're very welcome. Did you get a Bon Bon or a Lyra sketch?
Peruserofpieces's avatar
I got a happy Lyra.  :-)  What's funny is, when I first opened the book, I saw the huge sketch on the first page and thought it was just a part of the book.  So I kept flipping pages, looking, thinking you had forgotten to sign it.  It was a good five minutes before I took a closer look and realized, "Oh wow, that IS the signature!"  Haha!  :D
LightningChaser42's avatar
Welp.. Still nothing... After I checked the box, I went to the counter to ask if there was a parcel delivered, and they asked me for a tracking number....
Looking like a very confused, fuzzy caveman I sadly left the building... And that leads me to the question...

You don't by any chance have a tracking number for me, do you? 
Dori-to's avatar
It took until this week for some of the orders in the first batch to arrive to the United States. So, it might take just as long for other parts of the world. It was mailed as a regular piece of mail in an envelope so unfortunately it goes without tracking ID.

Keep me updated and if it does get lost I will make sure to send you a new copy.
LightningChaser42's avatar
aaaaaahhh ok. I'll be waiting around for a bit then. At least it gives me hope that it's not lost in the mess we call a postal service ;)
Ismalith's avatar
Mine came today with the mail, thank you^^
Dori-to's avatar
Sweet! You're welcome and I'm glad it came through alright.
Dori-to's avatar
Shipping out today though!
Peruserofpieces's avatar
Just ordered my signed copy!  This is awesome.  Can't wait to receive it!  :D
Dori-to's avatar
Awesome! Thank you for ordering! They will be shipping out shortly.
Svetomech's avatar
I ordered it from Tacohatstudios. But where's the buyer's notes? I do want my copy signed. (:
Dori-to's avatar
There should have been buyer's notes during the process. But, letting me know here is ok too. I have gotten your order. I will make sure your copy will be signed!
Svetomech's avatar
How can I get a tracking ID?
Dori-to's avatar
I can get you one through Etsy. I'll make sure you get one in your shipping confirmation.
Svetomech's avatar
But I used Tacohatstudios site, not Etsy one.

Oh. Just noticed your today's update (I thought you sent second batch on Monday).

Ok then, waiting.
Dori-to's avatar
I don't think Paypal has that option. But just keep an eye on your mailbox. It'll tell you when it was shipped.
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