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Tree Hugger Selling Brownies

Commission for :iconsnipermasaaki:

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Nothing makes me happier than to be reviewing this piece in the month of October, seeing how this takes place on Night Mare Fest. But more importantly, I’m glad to be reviewing this piece at all, and it could have only come from one of the most stylish artists on this site. Let’s delve into it!

First off, I absolutely adore the concept! It’s the perfect setup for a drawing that takes place during the scariest time of year. Like say that you’re at the festival, and you’re with you friends just chatting, enjoying the party, admiring all the citizens in their uncanny costumes, and having a good time. But soon, you decide to spice things up a bit, and find a stand selling brownies. So you pay your 4,20 bits (by the way, extremely clever reference!), you munch away on the snack, and you suddenly feel the buzz, and it’s beginning to make you happy, and energized, and you race back to your friends, telling them that you guys are about to have the time of your life! It’s perfect because it’s suggesting how snacks such as brownies make an occasion like this even better. Others may frown upon this, but tonight is Nightmare Fest, dammit! It’s the time for experimentation, and you’re not going to let an opportunity like this pass you buy!

Believe it or not, this drawing is also filled with a lot of originality. We’ve seen plenty of pictures of Tree Hugger being a stoner at this point, but your take on the character not only feels more adult. It also feels more true-to-life. I can totally buy the idea that Treezie would be selling brownies at Nightmare Fest. It almost makes me laugh, because it’s being extremely honest about what she would do if she existed in the real world. No other drawing involving her has been this truthful or has given her an adult edge. It took a few touches, like giving her a hoodie and making her eye twitch, but you pulled it off beautifully! Plus, the idea that brownies can enhance your night is something that few other artists have the guts to recommend, but you my dear sir, had it in you to put it out there! I greatly commend you for that.

The technique is also nicely done here. I should comment on the green tints first. I noticed that in a lot of your comics, you tend to tint the image green, which is a very interesting style. However, it really works here, because I like to imagine that we’re seeing this from the point of view of the pony, and it’s almost implying that these are the types of colors he or she is seeing. Speaking of which, I also love how you tilted the angle of the picture, because it’s suggesting that the pony is losing their sense of balance. Furthermore, you put a lot of detail into the background. Everything from the cans and pitchers in her trailer to the group of ponies in the field to the Christmas lights hanging from high above makes it feel more like an actual festival is going on. Heck, even the font on the pamphlet is clever! That exactly how I expect someone to design a pamphlet for suck an eerie event. It all draws you further into the environment and makes you want to celebrate such a spooktacular event!

There are plenty of emotions and feelings I sense when observing this drawing. Firstly, I almost feel kind of chilly. Since I live in the northeastern region of America, I know exactly what this time of night feels like during the autumn season, and let me tell you, it can get cold! In fact, I almost feel like putting on a sweatshirt while writing this review. Not only that, but I can also smell that autumn air. I can hear the leaves crunching as I step on them. I can hear the calm, frosty wind blowing in the breeze. Furthermore, I feel kind of dizzy due to the tilted angle. It almost makes me want to topple over. But at the same time, I feel giddy. I feel energized. I feel like rushing back to all my buddies, because I just got a buzz, and I’m ready to have the best night of my life at Nightmare Fest!

You know, when I first saw this picture, I thought it was pretty good. But then after thinking about it, I realized that I loved it. Like a lot. It always feels good to have something grow on you, and this is no exception. I’ll definitely be returning to this piece time and time again! You work is absolutely superb, Dori-to! I suggest you keep it up!
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Thanks again for the great critique. I really appreciate it and it sounds like you really had fun writing it, keep it up!

I'm glad the atmosphere I tried to put in the picture came across well!
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I did enjoy writing the review! I love it whenever I do these types of critiques, because they always allow me to be creative with my writing! I sure plan to write some more in the future! And yeah, I'm glad you accomplished your goal to bring out a lot of atmosphere within this illustration. Lastly, you're welcome! It's always a pleasure to offer insight! :)
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"Whoa... my hooves are so big... they can't touch anything but themselves... whoa..."
OkamiJubei's avatar
Special brownies in a Night Mare Fest? Something tells me many are going to have nightmares when they will go to bed.
Ironwarchiefwarsong's avatar
Oh my god guys look at my hand!
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Warning⚠: Brownies may contain traces of Marijuana,Crack and Bath Salts.
AssassinHiru's avatar
"4.20" for a brownie...sounds fair!!!
FlareEmerald77's avatar
Wait a minute....what are in this brownies!?!  0_o
firecharge44371's avatar
I also want those brownies blazed
MrOmg82's avatar
This is just priceless xD
RFHartwell's avatar
Her own special recipe with an extra special ingredient.
SammyW28's avatar
Good price too! Just 5 bits a brownie!

Those kinds usually go a lot higher! (Must be Fluttershy's influence...)
Krisisis's avatar
Hm, how about selling pieces of bronies at nightmare night? XD
Dori-to's avatar
Haha, the horror! I love it
QuantumBranching's avatar
"Hey! This isn't full of drugs at all!! Why the quotation marks??"

"It's all organic and healthy, Pony. It's got carob."
BratB2094's avatar
Oh, I see what you did there!!!
DrWhoFan611's avatar
That can only mean ONE thing... also, Tree Hugger looks wierd in those colours, it just ain't right unless she has that ginger mane. I dunno why, it just feels that way.
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Wow, having a little difficulty on recognising this pony. Is it Tree Hugger?
Dori-to's avatar
It is indeed.
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Love the band names. :D
AnHonestAppul's avatar
i'm just wondering who gave her a vendor's permit.
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