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The Final Countdown

By Dori-to
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This is me right now. I love the top 2000, but it's so tiring wanting to hear all the songs...

This is my new year present for all of you! I hope everyone has a wonderful 2014!

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This is an overdone idea, but it's just as enjoyable to see every last time. The drawing style is beautiful. It is very simple, but still is pleasing to eyes. Story-wise, it's believable. It would be nice to have a followup comic, but it is not necessary. I would love to see a flipped version --this isn't with the followup idea-- with Vinyl being the one who fell asleep. In my mind, it just makes more sense. I realize that Vinyl can be thoughtful, but it seems more likely that Tavi would be the one to drape the blanket on her friend. I love mostly everything about this comic, the negatives are just nitpicks.
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I'm pretty sure Vinyl has a business card that says "Able to stay up all night". It comes with the job.
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That actually makes sense! XD
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This is still one of my favorites of your comics... I don't know why, but it always brightens my day and makes me smile.
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Awesome! I also remember that I felt really happy with how this one came out at the time.
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Aawww! Very cute!
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Did anyone see how sad but happy vinyl was
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Songs that should be on that list: 
The Final Countdown -- Europe --…
Don't Stop Believing -- Journey --…
It's My Life -- Bon Jovi --…
Bohemian Rhapsody -- Queen --…
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I can confirm that all those songs are indeed on the list! Bohemian Rhapsody is usually on number 1.
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She was 4 days awake? darn... she sure loves music!
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*does some calculations* She listened to that for a whole week?! Damn, she is committed to her music!
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Thumps up for this one :)
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this is why DJ Pon not Octavia  plays and party Pony Pinkie's parties.
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