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Silly Lyra - You Asked For It

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After the last comic I got so many requests to make a sequal that I just had to! So, here it is, enjoy!

The Silly Lyra comics are now available on a dedicated Tumblr blog for your viewing convience:

Silly Lyra Comic Book now for sale!

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I was really happy to find that there was a sequel to the first comic. I think it almost improves on the previous strip. Of course I question a little bit why there would be a plane in Equestria, however it doesn't really take away from the joke, so I don't mind too much. I'd love to find out who the sleeping mare next to Bon Bon is. And is she holding a Trixie the Great and Powerful plushie? Over all, I thought this was really funny. As usual, Dori-to does a great job of making Lyra identifiable to the audience. Keep up the great work Dori-to.
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Thank you very much for another wonderful critique! I really appreciate you doing this.
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No problem. I like doing them!
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Nice work channeling Schulz. 
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Why is the prom tomorrow?
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Silly Lyra, you can just teleport
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Did you realize that a plane speed is around 900km per hour? At that speed, if she try to teleport herself to the bathroom, she will be outside the plane. (And she probably die LOL :v)
Excuse my poor English.
TheNeoStrike's avatar
Oh my gahh.... these are so great XD I love them
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Part of me really thinks that Bon Bon and Lyra are canon. Their relationship in the show is like a married couple, especially where Lyra is super upset about "All those talks and benches we sat on" LOL
EcliptorCalrissian's avatar
And why are you so cute, Lyra?
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At least there's no monster eating the engines...
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I know how that feel, Lyra. Window seat always has its disadvantages...
Because  you'd go crazy in a metal box for hours without a window?
Keisuke4321's avatar
Plot twist ... Lyra forgot she was at an exit row
Scyphi's avatar
They still provide airsickness bags on airplane flights, right? Use that.

I mean, it's not like the two sleeping beauties there are going to notice or care at the moment...
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Poor, poor Lyra. I can't help but pity her.
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Being silly comes with consequences...
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Many, _many_ consequences... you should do a comic about that.
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Lol, that was hilarious and also very cute. Silly Lyra, you will just have to try to get through without disturbing them too much.
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I be she already screamed the whole plane awake.
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