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Silly Lyra - On The Road Again

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Horses shouldn't be driving in the first place!

Silly Lyra Comic Book now for sale!

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GIF My little pony - Ba Dum Tss 
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Id say that car is Honda civic, a 2000 model, 3 door (hatchback)
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Pretty damn close. It's based of my own, which is a '97.
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I believe the type R version is "desirable", but don't take my word on that. I'm only 65% sure that's true.    

I know a fair bit about cars and cant stop talking about them, even to people who don't care.   
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Yeah the type R is the one that is desirable. Mine doesn't even have VTEC, but I love it to bits.
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You should, its a descant car. Unfortunately quite a lot of them end up the hands of RICERS who then proceed to rueing them.

(P.S. If u don't know wot a RICER does to cars then put Ricer in to Google images.) 
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Smol car for a smol unicorn.:)
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A perfect fit!
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Lyra:   Wait a did I do this!?? I have hooves!
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lmao Have done this myself.
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All horses cannot operate vehicles 

also... So i'm the only one who has had that happen to... I am a dummy! 
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She doesn't have opposable thumbs... Or digits at all, how does she drive?
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These comics are a secret scheme of his to make more $$$$ .. :P

buy more Taco hat comics ! And prints !!!!
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I fell for the scheme and you will too ! Buy all of the prints to get a complete collection.
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This totally didn't happen to you?
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It happened exactly like this!
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I expected nothing less from you.
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Buy the comic to find out :)
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True story.
Even with AC, I tend to prefer the good ol' opened windows. Add a radio playing music at a way too high volume and you're good. :D
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"Whos driving? Lyra is driving! How can this be?"
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