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Silly Lyra - Ketching up

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Lyra, that was not a newspaper...

Story by :iconponyhd:

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I know that feeling, I've done that a million times.

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God, in the second last panel up until now - I always thought it was Bon Bon poking her head through a curtain for some reason. Her hoof looks like it's holding the darker green (curtain) and her main made it look like the curtain folded on itself. Bon Bon's neck I thought was the window and the light green on the left half was the wall. The hell man, you conjured up one convincing illusion.
Dori-to's avatar
Oh wow, I never looked at it that way.
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Okay, I’ll give you 5-10 extra credit points for using a clever pun in your title.

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reminds me when i saw a fly and threw a jar full of jam at it
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C'mon Lyra, your an amacher, when I see a fly I brake out the 50CAL MACHINE GUN!!!!!
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Nope, there´s a better way: God-Motherf*cking-damn Overkill.
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I've actually done this... 😅
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Yeah, I saw a fly on my table and hit it with a bottle. 😂
PunchieTheNeko's avatar
Now Lyra has a broken bottle for ROUND 2! FIGHT! [Plays Mortal Kombat music.]
Kartoffelkamm's avatar
I know it´s probably not what you were asking for, but it´s still awesome.
GoldandSliverDragon's avatar
I have a cousin who did something like this, but instead of breaking the ketchup came squirted all over her.
lordtalesman100's avatar
sad part is i actually do see that me.
So it's ketchup? I thought it was hot sauce, and she eats it in breakfast...
Dori-to's avatar
Oh wow, that is a good connection. I didn't even think of that.
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jajajajaja xD
Legacy-Galaxy's avatar
Did you know? Horses can't even EAT tomatoes! They'll die (or at the very least get sick) if they do!
Chiyawa's avatar
For a real horse, yes, tomatoes are lethal to them.

For a cartoon horse, they can even eat meat. Okay, I'm just joking. But cartoon horses can eat almost anything and survive, provided the story intend for them to survive.

Anyway, good information. Many people just seems to be blinded by TVs and media that many had learn the false fact.
rautamiekka's avatar
A bit late to break it, but even in reality equines do eat meat, just not daily.
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