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Silly Lyra - If You Have Ghosts

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Silly Lyra's Nightmare Night Special!

Have a spooky Halloween, everyone!

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hey Dori-to I love your silly lyra comics it certainly keeps the crazy unicorn fresh and enjoyable

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Thank you for the nice compliment!
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your welcome

I think good work deserves praise

With the saying bon-bon is to believe in ghosts when she thinks one was Lyra heartstrings when bon-bon had pulled off the sheet when it was little more than air as she was that scared she didn't get that far without springing a leak.

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I forget she's a unicorn.
Gosh, I forgot it too...
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I regret the Bon Bon's scare,but the scene is very funny!  :lmao:
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Reminds me on Fluttersyh with her "ghosts"... which didnt glow at all... < big plothole (she should had used fireflies..., not birds
Hebbocake's avatar
I don't think you know what a plothole is, also, since when do ghosts glow?
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The fireflies would have been weighed down though, and potentially crushed.
All of these are charming.  

Feels like they should be in a thick sunday paper alongside the other syndicated comics.
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Thank you! That's a lovely compliment!
Because you barely use it
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Sneaky unicorns.
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Hi there. I hope you don't mind, but I loved this comic so much, I've put together an audio version on YouTube:…
Xioxy's avatar
Lyra sounded like Rainbow Dash! xD
Dori-to's avatar
That is awesome!! Very well done! Please feel free to make more!
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Haha, this reminds me of an episode of Spongebob!
Legacy-Galaxy's avatar
The one where the titu;ar character and Patrick Star turn invisible?
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