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Silly Lyra - Forever Young

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We've all been there...

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ApexSoundwave's avatar
I remember when k was like that. Now I wear a Brony hat everywhere x3
AjArtStar's avatar
im 13 and still sleep with stuffies
ZiddersRoofurry's avatar
45 and always will. Never lose your sense of whimsy. 
SonicTheHedgeTrimmer's avatar
22. Some things in life you just can't give up, :<
rainbowdash800's avatar
This is easy for me I always get away with it because I look like I'm 12 when I'm actually 17 so yup
Ironwarchiefwarsong's avatar
Is the title a Game of Thrones Reference?
Dori-to's avatar
It's a reference to the song Forever Young.
Bat-Wraith2099's avatar
I think every Brony has bin in this situation at some point or another, I know I have.
Chimzembque's avatar
Will Lyra meet Princess Twilight?
Ironwarchiefwarsong's avatar
Oh Lyra, please never grow up
ponymph's avatar
GoldandSliverDragon's avatar
If Bon Bon ever find out that Lyra were childhood friends with Twilight she is going to get real jealous 
HectorBoloMK33FTW's avatar
This is why I order online. That and I'm afraid some of the jerks around town might beat me up for it.
zsocreed's avatar
Well this hits close to home
ponymph's avatar
I can relate new love the comic
Every fan-boy/fan-girl has a story similar to this I imagine.
This is why Amazon was invented.
Scribblepwn3's avatar
Heh. Yeah, I couldn't even bring myself to stand in the isle with the pony toys. I see all kinds of things I want in the stores around here, but I'll never own any of them because I can't bring myself to break the fear of social stigma. Kinda sucks, but meh. At least I'm not spending extra I suppose. xD
Lunatwisentry's avatar
We've all been there
Aguywhocomments's avatar
Me when I buy MLP Merchandise around people who don't look like they like MLP.
Lunatwisentry's avatar
Embarrassing for me too
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