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Silly Lyra - Eye Catcher

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Why, Bon Bon? Why would you do that? (This is also based on events that really happened)

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"I tried to boop her nose, but I missed!"

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SuperMarioLogan - Woody Icon : We toys know everything. So Play nice Bon Bon
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I just realized something. Twilight and Lyra were friends at school. And Lyra has a plushy of Twilight
Dori-to's avatar
Haha, someone figured it out! I guess Lyra is pretty weird in that way.
zsocreed's avatar
We all have that one thing
pinkaloha31's avatar
Its a voodoo doll..
KatyScene's avatar
Coraline. That's why I'd punch it in the face.
Scribblepwn3's avatar
<3 that movie. So utterly creepy.
RubyW32's avatar
Am I the only one that can see Bon Bon's cutie mark in the first panel like it said "lol" ??
Dori-to's avatar
Haha, yeah I see it now.

DarknessNight12's avatar
owww Lyra i'ts soo cute X3
Dori-to's avatar
Penguinator24's avatar
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Coraline Sparkle :>
SasQ's avatar
HAHAHAHAH that would be awesome :D
Imagine an additional last panel with Twilight Sparkle screaming and covering her eye :D
Soulflutigress's avatar
i agree with Bon Bon on second panel
ZanarNaryon's avatar
Oh no, BonBon has been possessed, quick, shoot her
DiscordLexia's avatar
Well that sure did happen!
Fierce-Dities-Link's avatar
Oh Lyra, you are so adorable!
DoubleBlaze's avatar
may be she got her next assassination target
VengefulStrudel's avatar
How could one resist doing that? =P Gotta love Lyra's reaction to that though, it's quite cute. XD I think all who were 'protective' of their toys could relate to Lyra, heh. =P Great comic as usual!
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