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Silly Lyra - Deep Thoughts


Lyra asks the real questions. But Bon Bon is having none of it.

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That would actually be nice to do

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that would be a Glorious and orgasmic moment
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I have, like, this crazy idea.

What if I c+p'ed the comic, removed what Lyra said at paragraph 3, then reposted it as a meme-template? (with credit given)
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That's what I low key intended it for. So, you're free to do that.
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You owe her a penny. =P
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In which I identify with Lyra. And I know people who have said what Bon Bon said about me.
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Lyra..... you ruined the momnet. Good job, but that's why we love you. <3 <3 Sillly Lyra.
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You knew it was a bad investment, you would have gotten more out of that coin by throwing it into a well of desires.
bonbon wants her penny back.
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Sorry, but that penny's gone forever. ^^
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To be fair it would be the most satisfying thing in the world.
Well of course not. The going rate for one of Lyra's thoughts is about 0.3 cents; the average value of her thoughts is actually 1.1 cents, but sorting out the valuable ones from the utterly inane ones incurs a significant labor cost.
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What a waste of a good penny. :XD:
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Unfortunately Lyra doesn't do refunds.
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Well, at least it was better that when Corporate Commander did to Angry Joe with Umbrella Corps. Talk about a drive-by sucker five-fingered discount punch. :XD:
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>penny for your thoughts

I hate Brenda, and a bad guy hit me in the shin and I peed all over my pants!
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When the plastic film factory ships plastic film to other factories that make (e.g.) TVs, do they have to take the plastic film off the plastic film before they use it?
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Truly these are the questions that must be answered.
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what if the factory that makes the tv's only buys one plastic film, and peels a plastic film off to use the one they bought, then uses the plastic film that covered the plastic film? the company that makes plastic films will go out of business!
MistyMoonIsAPony's avatar
That's true, I suppose plastic film doesn't come with plastic film.
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