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Silly Lyra - Cracking Up

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Lyra, who even eats half a cracker? You're weird.

Getting back into things with a short and fun Lyra story. I haven't had the chance to make much art lately due to moving apartments, but now that I got all my gear set up I'm ready to start pumping out some more comics again!

Silly Lyra Comic Book now for sale!

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This is why you go for Ritz, can't break that one so don't bother :)
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Story of my FREAKING life, this literally me with graham crackers! DX
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Well, you can just snap the cracker, that will be easy.
MustachedBain's avatar
Me when everytime I tell someone to share their ice cream and the ice creams breaks like that
Dori-to's avatar
Aaaah, the actual worst.
Ninjafour's avatar
I get it, but honestly the thing is that crackers like that are so small, who thinks 'I could go for exactly half a cracker'?
Fermin-Tenava's avatar
Oh come, Lyra - it's not a deal-bracker!
Ba-dum, CHING 
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This is deep... :+fav:
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"Man, I could really go for half a cracker"
                                   -No one ever
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I thought she was going to get the Fortune, "Bad Luck and Misfortune with infest your pathetic Soul for all Eternity."  Like someone else I know.…

But then it's not a fortune cookie.
To desire half a cracker is blasphemy against the gods, and they respond accordingly.
white-tigress-12158's avatar
The crackers are damn dirty liars! WHY THE FOLD MARK IF IT DOESN'T WORK? WHY!?
Hehehe. All according to plan.... >8)
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hehe X3 

Why not Lyra try a magic cracking? (part 2)
beariot's avatar
That's why she cooked up those special imported oats.
tigreanpony's avatar
That was funny, silly Lyra you can still eat it.
Chiyawa's avatar
Well, given Lyra with a serious case of OCD, I don't think she has the appetite for the biscuit / crackers.
Don't worry Lyra, we've all been there and share your pain...YOUR DEEP AND IMMEASURABLE SUFFERING.
HomerNet's avatar
For so long I thought I was the only one, now I know there are people all around me that know that feel!
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