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Silly Lyra - Bon Bon OP, pls nerf

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Aww yesss, we're back!!

The first comic in forever. Also first time acknowledging the new canon from the show...

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It means she killed before, by the way did you know Lyra join Bon Bon and became a secret agent for S.M.I.L.E. too in one of the books?
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Yeah, I should definitely read that book once!
Hey bon bon what if I told you Lyra isn't all that silly as you like to think she is or no her for that matter
GoldandSliverDragon's avatar
It raise a lot of questions
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Interesting design of weapon, actually. No pistol grip would make sense, given their hooves, using a straight grip would fit better. In my head canon, it's not that they don't have thumbs, they do. Their hooves aren't solid masses, they are dexterous(though not to the same degree as fingers) appendages which can act as fingers, able to wrap themselves around something.
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At first, I thought it was a nailgun! XD
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I mean, it looks like it, right? With the nails next to it? Right?! Please tell me I'm not a psychopath...
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Hehe, no. But I did try my best to make them look like harmless nerf darts.
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Lyra pls.
Don't do da Frisk.
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I though she looked like Frisk too
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Just a quick question? Why didn't Lyra take the assault rifle, but yet again the pistol does look awsome
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Good question! Never really crossed my mind when drawing. But from experience I know some nerf blaster have really loud motors inside that will give away your position. So, maybe that was the reason.
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I like how you can see Bonbon's silhouette on the fourth panel.
zwataketa's avatar
Soooo ... Bon Bon is Greninja? (Based on that title)
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That was entirely your fault, Lyra. You're a unicorn, you can levitate and fire the gun without exposing yourself. Put some thought into your ambushes!
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-Insert double entendre here-
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"After all these years, I still got it!" --- Bon Bon/Sweetie Drops
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