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Commission - Plushie Lyra

"Don't you think you have enough plushies, Lyra?"

Commission for Giga

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Ironwarchiefwarsong's avatar
Makes you wonder how Bon Bon would react to finding out Lyra has a plushie of her
Keisuke4321's avatar
You can never have enough plushies
verolesh's avatar
Oh my god, that's really cute :3
Kyoshyu's avatar
Quite the collection. :)
mutation333's avatar
You can NEVER have enough!!!
*Shoves plushy collection onto face*
*Whispers* Never...
*hops in the window and robs her plushies*
1Foxcomm's avatar
The Doctor and Derpy, Bonbon, Judy and Nick, a lamaLa Llama , lamas are cool, a cowpoke that reminds me of Woody, a whale shark, and should I ask if that is Left Shark? and FLUFFLE PUFFFluffle Puff Tongue !
Dori-to's avatar
Well spotted! That is indeed left shark!
If you can still see Lyra or, indeed any part of her bedroom floor then the answer is no.

That whale-shark toy brings joy to my heart.
Dori-to's avatar
That is Destiny from Finding Dory. I actually have that plush irl and she's the best!
Dori-to's avatar
You can never have enough plushies!
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PhoenixFlambe's avatar
I thought it meant that Lyra was the plushie.
Dori-to's avatar
She'll slowly become one at this rate...
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interzen's avatar
Too many plushies? That's crazy talk ...
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Mikkillerib's avatar
Awwww. Cute widdle Lyra.

And heck no. You can never have enough plushies. Especially when they are this cute.
Dori-to's avatar
What about a Lyra plushie! Oh wait, we don't talk about that one...
Mikkillerib's avatar
Who said we were talking about that kind of plushie. Certainly wasn`t me.
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