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Hello all ~
I decided with a bit of free time to make my own stock site to help you out because of all the generosity out there with other users on deviantart. :)

Types of stock imagery you will find here (if not yet then soon):
~ beaches ~ seashells ~ waves ~ sunsets ~ forests ~ parks ~ gardens ~ flowers ~ roses ~ leaves ~ lakes ~ horses ~ birds ~ feathers ~ fish ~ architecture ~ pathways ~ jewelry ~ gemstones ~ patterns ~ textures ~
> > > Photographs available as prints upon request.

:bulletblue: Lovely Artwork Made With My Stock
:bulletblue: Stuff I've made with my stock (in my art account): [here].
:bulletblue: Our Stock is now part of these collections: Fantastic Textures & Resources! :aww:
:bulletblue: My stock is featured in this article:… ~:heart:~

~:bulletred:~ You are free to use my images (I promise they are all my own property) in any artistic exploits on Deviantart or long as you promise to credit and link back to dori-stock (if applicable). This means you can use them for private & commercial uses. Websites, CDs, books, vector tracings, drawings, all good as long as you mention "dori-stock on deviantart" Yes, use the artwork you've created with my stock on your websites or personal pages. Have fun; show yourself off! :)

~:bulletred:~ Please do not sell my images solitary and without alteration.

~:bulletred:~ Please do not redistribute stock or variants of the stock (this includes photoshop brushes & templates; these are a re-representation of the stock in an impure form), unless you have my express permission.

~:bulletred:~ YOU CAN USE THESE IN PRINTS WITHOUT PERMISSION - as long as your image is creative enough to stand on its own as an artisic piece. Please use good judgement (applying a photoshop filter to a stock image does not render it creative). + be sure to notify me when it is up for sale. I'll probably add it to my wishlist ;) Please note: if you have trouble getting approval for print, you can send print admissions a link to this journal entry:…

~:bulletred:~ Please do not use imagery to promote anything hateful, derogatory, or anything that reflects a cruel negative light. I do not wish to represent these values. I'm okay with tasteful artistic expression!

~:bulletred:~ Please be respectful of the stock. As a courtesy I appreciate the links back & I would love to see what you've created with it. :heart: Also letting me know what you have done will allow me to post on my site or add to my favorites, helping you get more acclaim.

STOCK FRIENDS (You should really check 'em out :aww:):


Also visit to see my lovely jewelry :)