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Logo commision for August Unicenter
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Create a New 3D Logo Charges ??
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nice :D i like your logo
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Thank you,i like your logowork too :)
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really? well thanks buddy :D my pleasure
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yes..some of your logos :) nice work mate
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keren mas kebnyakan karya situ color managementnya OFF atau default settings??
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generic RGB om
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masbro, tutorial bikin logo dengan corel draw nya ga ada masbro.
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remember UMF logo

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dibikin di corel????
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impressive! how long does it take you to get to the final version? and could you tell me please how much do you charge for such a logo? You can send me a note if you don't want to make i public. Why I'm asking you this is because I would like to compare the prices from my country with yours.
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Thanks Cristian ,it's okay to make public :). im start in 3 cost. 150 - 200 - 300 for Vectorize file and cost depend from skill. Unicenter done in 1.5 hours
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Thanks for the info... how can I call you? Hendra?
Are you talking about prices in US dollars or your local currency (Rupiah)?
And what is your main tool, Illustrator? Cause I see you have some impressive 3D looking logos... do you use some kind of 3D software?
I would like to chat some more about design stuff... do you use some kind of Instant Messaging protocol (yahoo, gtalk, skype etc.)?
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YOu're welcome mate, Handle well for CorelDraw software for 3D looking. my prices in USD currency.
skype : dorarpol
Gchat :
Hit me back,loved to learn more about world design from you too :hug:
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i've added you to skype... see you there my friend!
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