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"Who am I really?"
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Who am I?
Who are you?
What is this place?
Doesn't matter. It exists.
What are you doing here anyway?
Don't expect anything from individuals who doesn't even know themselves like me.
Go on a journey to find yourself, but remember...
...don't lose yourself along the way.
Without self means without wish. Without wish means without drive. Without drive means without will. Without will means without life.
Without a sense of "self", you will find yourself stuck between life and death. A vegetable without being a vegetable. A good-for-nothing degenerate, clinging on others to live like a parasite, while wanting nothing but death, the "end".
Am I speaking from experience...? Perhaps.
I want resurrection, but that will never happen.
So all I can do is rolling down my life full of failures, enduring the immense pain that I myself have created.
Live your life to the fullest. Not by enjoying yourself too much, but by securing a place in happiness.
Do not regret over past mistakes, as doing so only worsen your current situation.
Cheer up and know that there are many options ahead for you to rationally choose from.
Your decision that day is not final.
That's all I want to say to you.
Best wishes, and farewell.

?????? (??????): ??? - "???"



'Look! Your memories, your existence—everything is gone.
Oh dear, you can’t remember, you can’t remember.
“But they’re supposed to be right here,” you thought.
Your everything, your entirety—all gone.
Oh dear, there has never been anything here from the very start, from the very start.
Erasing the mind.

There is absolutely no trick or trap here.'


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