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Zootopia : Watching again

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Just another fan art mixed with photograph , I don't know what to call for this style , "mixed media" ?
The idea for me to do this style is a fan art I saw on tumblr a year ago : In there , the artis draw he's sleeping and Sonic from "sonic the hedgehog" trying to scare him .
Bullet; Green Nick , Judy (c) Zootopia , Disney
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Haha! Very funny and legit :D
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After Judy's done mess Nick, she walked out of the collapsing house with Nick's skeleton shattered, his computer completely inside-out, and water bill increased continuous...
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I think Nick miss his fennec friend Nick and Finnick - Icon 
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Judy wants Nick all to herself!
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It looks like a real photo of them, lovely!
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Tại sao bạn tiếp tục theo dõi pic này, Nick?
Eh ... bởi vì nó trông rất thú vị!
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lúc đầu tôi cũng đã thử tập ghép ảnh thế này, và bắt đầu thích :D (Big Grin) , nhưng giờ đang cố gắng có thời gian rảnh là làm :| (Blank Stare) 
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Thử đi , chụp đại 1 pic ở đâu cũng đc , trong nhà bếp , hành lang , ban công , cửa sổ cũng đc .... :)
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Wow! I love how you did this! The angle, editing, and effects are amazing! I had to double check to realize that this was a photo lol.

Great job! My only gripe is that I think you mean *funny, not fun.
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Oh , thanks for fixed :heart: ... and sorry about that ! ^^;
Well , I'm a Vietnamese and I'm not good in English much so sometimes I typing wrong . But I don't mind that because if someone can fix for me when I'm wrong , I'll very appreciated , also I can know more about using words in English then I can improve in next pictures .
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Should have closed the laptop lel
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Nick appreciates your work! :clap:
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Judy doesn't approve of Yaoi. XD
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