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Zootopia OC - Peter Lewis

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"Wow , this is Zootopia ? This city is so big !"
My OC has arrived in Zootopia , usually he's a mouse , but in Zootopia , I want he's a cheetah . Because mouse is too small , and I want an animal can easy go around and can climb (if he need :D ) , so I choose cheetah is my anthro OC in Zootopia . 
Love train scene in Zootopia , because now we can know how big is Zootopia city :D
:bulletyellow: Peter Lewis (c) my OC
Character based on "Zootopia" of Disney
:star: See more arts at my gallery :…
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Very wonderful. Is he school-aged, like I think?
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He's adorable! Such a cute expression!
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I like your style, makes me think of those 1960's anime art styles, which is heavily underrated.
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You got the reflection so perfect! How did you do that?
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He looks so adorable!
ZanarNaryon's avatar
Okay if I cameo this guy in a comic?
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No , he's my OC !
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Okay, okay. It's just a cameo, a background appearence. You'd get full credit
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So precious! Love it!
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Cute little fella.
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Very well made character, he's cute!! I love the art!
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Ali: Let me be with you, I want to be a OC in Zootopia. I will be a Carbuncle...
dragonpheonix1's avatar
Thank goodness there are others who have an Anthro... Im looking for roleplayers. So.. do you Roleplay at all?
I know of a forum if you are interested in roleplaying with others but i wont force anyone into anything! That`s not my style.
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Ahhh woooow!  I wish i could draw anthro and detail that good!
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Looks Like Ash From Pokemon xDDD
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Aw! Hes adorable!

Is he also a fan of Gazelle?
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