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Hello everyone!

  New year, new planning. Since I've already graduated from high-school and still waiting for my SPM (MCE) result AND after that I'll still have to wait for the result of where I'll continue my study, I think this year I'll have a huge free time. With this free time, I decided to focus on DRAWINGS. And of course, the Third Reich series. Also, I there's a new thing. So what am I going to make and what's new this year?

------// WHAT AM I GOING TO MAKE? //------

  Well, as usual, there will be more Third Reich figures you’ll see in the Third Reich art series. 

I decided to make these people this year:

1.Hans-Ulrich Rudel:
Hans-Ulrich Rudel by Doqida
2.Otto Skorzeny:
Otto Skorzeny by Doqida

3.Artur Axmann:
Artur Axmann by Doqida

4.Heinz Guderian:
Heinz Guderian by Doqida

5.Klaus Barbie

6.Theodor Eicke

7.Karl Doenitz

8.Claus Von Stauffenberg

9.Ernst Gadermann

10.Wilhelm Keitel

11.Erich Von Manstein

12.Walter Schellenberg

13.Hans-Georg Henke

14.Gerd Von Rundstedt

15.Walter Warlimont

16.Erich Raeder

17.Ernst Kaltenbrunner

18.Herbert Emil Schultze

19.Arthur Seyss-Inquart

20.Anton Drexler

(Thanks to :iconlucas-white: for some recommendation)

 If I finish the list early, I will add up more figures for the Third Reich series. If you have any recommendation, you can leave your comment here or note me. I’ll add them to the list. 

------// WHAT'S NEW? //------

The arts I made regarding the Third Reich is a common thing that you'll find in my gallery so far and it seems like there's no end to that since there's a lot of influential people in the Third Reich era and that not include yet for the whole World War II era.

Okay, straight to the point. Since last year, I thought it is time for me to make a new series of historical figures. And I plan to start working on the new series this JULY.

So, what's the theme?

Guess some of you already know because I've submitted an artwork which in the description, I said, that was a hint for the new series.

No, don't have to check because I'm about to tell ya. 


Ottoman Empire series by Doqida
YAAAAAAAY!!!I am a dummy!  lol. Cute right?
This chibi drawing is an advance for the series I guess.


---------// ALSO... //----------

I'll open for COMMISSION this FEBRUARY. I'll post the info soon.

COMMISSION will be opened every month for limited slot. Maybe only 3-7 slots per month.

As for...



(*except for things related to the Third Reich or the Ottoman Empire series. I count it as your recommendation for those series)


Thank you for your attention and support!
Have a nice day!

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The list is complete! Enjoy ze arts. :)

Yeah, here you go:

    1. Hans Joachim Marseille 
  Hans Joachim Marseille by Doqida

    2. Adolf Galland
  Adolf Galland by Doqida

    3. Leon Degrelle (Suggested by: :iconironpiedmont1996: )
   Leon Degrelle by Doqida

    4. Hermann Fegelein (Was in my actual list and demanded by many)
  Hermann Fegelein by Doqida

    5.Rudolf Hess (Remastered | Rudolf Hess (old version))

   Rudolf Hess by Doqida

    6. Erich Hartmann
  Erich Hartmann by Doqida

    7.  Reinhard Heydrich (Remake)

   Reinhard Heydrich by Doqida

    8. Gunther Rall
   Gunther Rall by Doqida

    9. Hanna Reitsch
  Hanna Reitsch by Doqida

    10. Gerhard Barkhorn
   Gerhard Barkhorn by Doqida

    11. Werner Molders
  Werner Molders by Doqida
Okay that's all... lol
and if you have any demand of any NSDAP figure for me to do, please leave a comment, note me or anything.. I sure will add them into the next year's list.
Have a nice day!

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