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believe me, Those are just a stick-man drawing level.

Ah... I'm just a girl from no where interested in art, history and politics
I'm into history most of the time.
Politics, ayy, just try to avoid talking about politics with me here,
I want to make my dA clean from any hate comments or anything because of our different political ideology.

Let's make dA a better place with all different kind of people okay?

And oh, I'm an aviation fans too!
When I was a kid I want to be a commercial pilot. Although I had an astigmatism, it still won't stop me from dreaming to be a pilot.
I was quite crazy about aviation that time XD. I even had a collection of planes. :D

But everything changed when I discovered that I'm actually good in art :v
Yea, that moment I was dreaming to be an artist or cartoonist or an animator or anything else related to drawing. ><

Then here comes the history and the Third Reich fandom yeaa!!
I discovered about Luftwaffe and my craziness on aviation comes back TvT

Aww... what's next?


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My fingers know what to fav.

  Hello my dear friends and watchers. As I informed to you people earlier, in my deviantID for 2018, I'm not going to be active as previous years since this year is going to be my last year of schooling and you know when this time comes, there will be an important examination for those who will end their schooling age. So yeah, since I'm not gonna do more of this NSDAP art series for this year so it is kind of easy for me to list out the figure that I will make for 2018. 


I just got my holiday & exam calendar from my school... so there are some changes I made on this list, no figure were removed or added, only when I'll do it.  

(If you're asking why I must change on when I'll do those figures, it's actually depends on the art's difficulty. I need more free time to make an art with a detailed background like planes, buildings or whatever plus to find all the information/detailed reference I should have before I start to make em... bg, uniforms and expressions should be as accurate as possible. If it's just a remake/remaster, I think I won't take a long time to finish so I'll place them on a busiest month XD) 

Yeah, here you go:

    1.       January: Hans Joachim Marseille 
  Hans Joachim Marseille by Doqida

    2.       February: Adolf Galland
  Adolf Galland by Doqida

    3.       March: Leon Degrelle (Suggested by: :iconironpiedmont1996: )
   Leon Degrelle by Doqida

    4.       April: Hermann Fegelein (Was in my actual list and demanded by many)
  Hermann Fegelein by Doqida

    5.  *May: Rudolf Hess (Remastered | Rudolf Hess (old version))

   Rudolf Hess by Doqida

    6.  *June: Erich Hartmann
  Erich Hartmann by Doqida

    7.  *July: Reinhard Heydrich (Remaster/Remake. ayy... idk why my eyes suddenly feel sick)

   Reinhard Heydrich by Doqida

    8.     August: Gunther Rall

    9.  *September: (maybe just a doodle/sketch) 

    10.  *October: Hanna Reitsch

    11.   November: (Definitely no art for this month)

    12.   December: Gerhard Barkhorn & Werner Mölders
Okay that's all... lol
and if you have any demand of any NSDAP figure for me to do, please leave a comment, note me or anything.. I sure will add them into the next year's list.
Have a nice day!

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A. Hanum
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
Hello & Assalamualaikum (Peace be upon you)! Welcome to my gallery.

I’m Aqida H. Zahary, I’m 17 y/o this year. (Wow… I can’t believe that I’m already this old… yeah, can you imagine that we’re still living and It’s not the end of the world yet? :D … I didn’t wish for that anyway… :) ) I’m a Malaysian, an Asian and I’m proud of it.

As you can see here in my gallery there’s a lot of WW2 stuff, especially the Third Reich. But it doesn’t make me a Nazi. I’m just interested in it. If I ever make you offended or pissed you off with my arts, I’m really sorry, I just can’t help myself to get rid of my interest. AND WHY SHOULD I? Ahhh…. Sorry.

Also, other than interested in the third Reich, I love Malay history and Islamic history too so you’ll find some of those arts in my gallery.

If you like my art work , feel free to watch me. :)
This year, I won’t be active as previous year, because this year I’m about to sit for MCE (Malaysian Certificate of Education) It’s the most important exam for my country’s school students.

ART TRADE definitely CLOSED.
Unless if I made an announcement to open one of them. (Please check my journals if you wanna know if I already made it)

And if you have any question to ask, wanna make a deal or just wanna talk with me, you can send a note and I’ll reply as fast as possible though this year is going to be a super hiatus year. Kinda talkative sometimes.. haha.

//Sorry for my bad English… //

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This year, I won’t be active as previous year, because this year I’m about to sit for MCE (Malaysian Certificate of Education) It’s the most important exam for my country’s school students. 

Same here lol

wait do you mean SPM? SPM is bettah spelling, kamerad :>
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Nothing nice, nor even intelligent, about the Nazi's!
Study, and see how a real revolution is being waged!
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