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TOMB RAIDER chronicles: ocean depths of russia

underwater suit by me
pose by lobiply
mini submarine from google sketchup
Rendered in vue
Hope you like!
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Even when she is wearing a heavy diving suit from head to toe Lara Croft still looks good to me 😀❤️❤️

I really like this picture cause very few people besides yourself will do a picture of Lara Croft wearing this outfit of hers 😀

I wish you could do another picture in the near future of Lara wearing her lovely diving suit like this one 😀
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Fantastique !!!
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Oh thats amazing !
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this picture is amazing!!! its simply stunning! i read some comments and i really dont understand why some of these people dont like it.. agess they are jealous because they cant make a picture like this. Dont worry because of them. Your pictures are AWSOME and keep up with good work!!!
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thank you very much! :D
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Your opinion is invalid. Chronicles was (and still is) i great game and fun to play.
Well, everyone has their options...
I did not particularly like that game itself but I am un unconditional Lara lover.
And I played all other following games, even if uncompletedly...heh!
Yeah...another Lara lover.

My faves are I, III and (gasp) Underworld. Anniversary comes right after.

I wonder what they are going to make of TR9 ...
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I respect your opinion, but I do the images of the games I want, and you're nobody to tell me that I have to issue an image, and if you do not like, do not look
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Excellent! I remember that Adventure...
In particular, when Lara sneaks into the Submarine: [link] (6:08).
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Excellent. :happybounce:

p.s. Will this model be available?
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thank you! :)
It's my entry for 2nd modding competition, i will be aviable very soon :)
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I can not wait ... Model looks great. :huggle:
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