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Siberian cold

This is my new render, Inspired by the upcoming Rise of the tomb raider.
If you like my work please Like my facebook page:
I Hope you like it and I hope rise of the tomb raider will become multiplatform :)
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 Why are you so Siberia are you afraid of?)
 Amazing work but... At minus 40 Celsius in these clothes she would have frozen to death. Just for information.
 P. S. Sorry for my english..)
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Beside some minor mistakes like no steam coming from mouth of the bear. As for her it would be explained as she took breath or just hold it at that moment.

In overall it's amazing work with enough details. Enough is better than too much. ;)
MelancholicYouma's avatar
I honestly thought it was a photo, which was why I added it to the cosplay folder, but I was wrong. Incredible work! :)
oldfan1's avatar
Nice job. AK-47 perfect for Siberia.
Stoshio's avatar
Nicely done, as usual. Great work! :)
eddiehimselfstolemyu's avatar
Of course it will be. They'd have to be nuts not to. Shame Microsoft had to do such a dick move just to try and prop up their failed console. I'll be making sure not to buy any Microsoft console again.
Hiddenus's avatar
What else did you expect from Microsheit? :D
DethhlyOusom's avatar
not very realistic yeah, but still, very, very cool and atmospheric  :з 
Severin101's avatar
Yeah, wanna to see how she die in this outfit in Siberia. But work is goood)
Hiddenus's avatar
Strange... fetish. :confused:
Severin101's avatar
Not a fetish) In this outfit very danger going
somewhere in Siberia.
-40 Celsius!!!
Hiddenus's avatar
If you think about it. Now days clothes can be as warm as 8 layers of fur coats if they're hiqh quality and such. And she definitely could afford for such clothes.
Also did you noticed that bear behind her even when he roars doesn't have steam coming from it's mouth? Seems like it represents  a summer in Siberia :D
7ipper's avatar
:wow: :jawdrop: simply amazing!!! wonderful!
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