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Windows 7 Complete

Blue Sky Edition



This Transformation pack contains a total of 82 system files you can use to transform your Windows®XP into Windows®7. But don't let that scare you! You can get by on as few as 3 files for a very minimal transformation.(explorer.exe, shell32.dll and themeui.dll) But if you want to amaze everyone, including Bill Gates, go for the FULL installation.


If you want the basic Transformation Pack (the one that will fool most people) then install the files from the folder "Windows 7 for XP" using the enclosed Replacer Utility. Instructions for using the utility are included in this pack. Instructions for doing everything are included in the pack in plain, simple English.

If you want a total transformation, including Control Panel Applets and Installation Wizards (the pictures you see on the bottom half of the screenshot), restart your PC and then install the additional files from the folder called "Service Pack".
An Icon Refresh utility is included in the pack, in case you don't see a change in your icons (which can sometimes happen).


~RUDY-XP: The genius behind the Context Menu icons. [link]
The Original Windows 7 Context Menu deviation by ~Rudy-XP can be found here: [link]

dA Best Buddy = Peter Rollar: For help with bitmaps, icons and for the huge amount of work involved in translating this pack for German users. [link]

Fellow skinner =Sagorborpird for Windows Update® and Action Center® templates. [link]

Windowblind® used in the screenshot is Arero-Xtreme 7 for Windows XP© from my good friend Ian at *InTime69 [link] including "Show Desktop©" by ~Cellular [link]

Don't have Windowblinds? Why not try this visual style? SevenVG RTM by Vishal Gupta [link] Installs in a snap!

Fast Explorer® Copyright © 2004-2007 Alex Yakovlev

SUPPORT: This deviation is now over two-and-a-half years old. It has been downloaded and installed over 160,000 times. ANY questions you may have are already answered in the Author's Comments. Read and follow all instructions carefully! I will no longer answer any questions or posts. PLEASE read the instructions carefully and only install this if you know what you're doing.
© 2009 - 2021 DopeySneezy
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how to download
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Thanks i got my window 7 now.
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Nice job man... really nice job... I loved it very much.
Hi, I've recently installed this theme for my WinXP. But I've got a problem. I can't click anything on Personalize(choosing theme). Any help?
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customize panel is it real?
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Great Job !
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Do I have to use the replacer for all of the 80+ files?
I scare apply this... How I can backup files?
oopps.. uhm yeah i got the instructions already but my problem now is this software/installer of yours does not work for my laptop even thou its win xp sp3.. Waht I did was to test 1 item to be changed but it seems that everything on the folder i downloaded doesnt seem to work with my system at all.. am just gonna get myself a windows 7 pc instead.. its hard messing with the laptop.. well everyone knows that anyway.. Tnx and your work is cool but its just that it does not fit with my system at all.. XD Thumbs up guys..
Excuse me sir, im not really that savvy and im using my laptop... I need some clarifications with this instruction... I dont want to mess up with my system32.. XD
The Replacer utility is pretty straightforward. You click on the icon inside the Replacer folder and a black command window opens.
First it instructs you to drag and drop the system file you want to replace (the file in your Windows/ System32 folder) into the black window and hit your enter key.
1. Do you mean I go to my C:/Windows/System32??
2. Then I copy the loginui from my laptops system32 directory then drag it to the replacer??
.. I just need simple answer.. tnx...
I'm very sorry about that. I was meaning to create a comment asking where the file I drag into the replacer is. I've looked all through these files but another shell32.dll is not there and the instructions for the replacer don't help.
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upgrade to SP3 now.
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you can use it now! :iconyay-plz:
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My "shimgvw.dll" replacement has failed.
I can't replace the file.
Please, help >.<
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upgrade to windows vista
TheVistas2004's avatar
reinstall windows.
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