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newest kaiju, SKURAEUS. Sculpted in ZBrush. Rendered in KeyShot. Based on concept artwork by BrendanPurchase. :iconbrendanpurchase:
Soon to be produced into an articulated figure, and larger static statue.
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One headed Quickstrike? ...Nahhhhh!
Cool creature but you’re not gonna believe this but American dragon Jake long has a creature just like this…
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It's been brought to my attention. 
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This is really an awesome piece with great detail - good job!  If you get time please give feedback on some of my work. 
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Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope
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Nightmare fuel right there.
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It's like a complete reversal of the evil Predacon Transformer known as Quickstrike from 'Beast Wars - Transformers' who was one of two characters known as Fuzors, in Quickstrike's case, his beast mode was largely the body of a Scorpion, but the tail had the head of a Cobra, this is kind of the other way around.

Just encase your not familar with the character, here's his first appearance…
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Good morning, awesome kaiju!!!!!!!. 
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Damn shame From software didn't get in contact with ya. Would've love to fight this thing and cuss to the air whenever it pulled off its bullshit attacks
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... but where's its laser cannon?
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An articulated figure! Oh Im in all the way, this will great with my Godzilla Monsterarts collection.
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This kaiju of yours, is it based off of the Krylock from American Dragon Jake Long?
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no, just a coincidence. 
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Pretty interesting kaiju
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HMM I Recognize the Body Type

Shadow of Red, Anyone?
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Reminds me a bit of Quickstrike from Beast Wars, but with the cobra head actually where the head would be instead of been on the tail.
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