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GODZILLA heisei style STL

Heisei style GODZILLA error free STL digital download for purchase on GAMBODY.COM. Super affordable. 15 inches high! Already cut up for easy printing. 3D Print one out, paint it up like BURNING GODZILLA if you like, or keep it traditional. Loads of fun! : )
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must acquire 3D printer 
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Oh wow this is great
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So far this is my favorite - is there a cleaned topology we could rig!
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That's just it. I have no idea how to do a model that can be rigged. Not with all the textures I have on this thing, and the density of it. And it's all sculptural. No UVs or texture maps. So far, none of my models have that. I don't work that way, but I will be learning. 
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Oh I see, got it. Are you familiar at all with Edgeflow? And what makes good topology for rigging?

Far for me to try to lecture you. It's kind of a pain I know, I really hope that you start working this into your process.

This is really nice to watch, Part1 and part 2…

I think he likes using 3DCoat, as well
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Thanks. I need to learn tons. I only use ZBrush for 3D. I’ll check this out. 
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That's cool I hope you do!
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I guarantee this will pay off for you! And I will be happy to team up with you too getting some really super rigs done.
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When all is said and done,  i love Heissei style so so much 
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me too. It's the definitive look for G, for me, although I love almost all looks. 
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Your zbrush work is always so inspirational. How long have you been zbrushing for?
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Thank you. Since summer of 2013, and haven't stopped since. 
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well.... it almost look like Godzilla Junior Adult version.:) (Smile) 
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Best so far, my god
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Aaaaah yeah, the King of Monsters himself. I love it! And only $25? That's a damn good price. o_o
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Yea. Good get!
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