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Elf: A Woodland Gathering Ceremony

By Dopaprime
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Elf: A Woodland Gathering Ceremony 🌳

© 2020 Penguin Random House and Wizards of the Coast. All rights reserved. Artwork by Conceptopolis, LLC

A vegan party for the elves; fruits, nuts, and veggies only 😁

#dungeonsanddragons #heroesfeast #dnd #cookbook #fantasyart #creature
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Woah this is amazing!! The details are incredible!

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This is so good! Love the details.

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As much as I love this picture, especially the Asian looking elf in the corner, I'm very disturbed by the subject matter D: Elfs aren't meant to be vegans, it makes them look like pussies. Was that the request of your commissioner, or did you add this detail yourself?

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It was the request from D&D. There are a lot of recipes in the Cookbook, and this elf illustration is featured as the second chapter opener, which probably involves a lot of plants and fruits dishes.

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Love the scene and colors!

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Abseloutly incredible

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it's very Nice . I love it

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Absolutely stunning.

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Love this so much

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That is amazing and the attention to detail I love it!! How dI’d to paint the tree bark and the rocks like that

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Very nice gallery :clap:

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very nice!

amazing picture!!!

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"So welcome to the Elven Barbecue. We'll say the sacred

oath and then dig into some fine ribs and chicken."

Sounds good to me. Nice work.

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I just drew a young muscular she elf warrior but she'll be limbless and blind because her ennemies just cuf off all her limbs (and eyes)

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Ok I just saw this picture last weekend in a cookbook I bought last weekend. The Dungeons & Dragons Heroes’Feast The official D&D cookbook. It’s the picture used in the intro of chapter 2 Elven Cuisine. Didn’t expect to see the artist here.
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