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By Dopaprime
Lawrence Hill from 少年残像 - Boy's Next Door by Yuki Kaori.

A commission for :iconremembrance7:

Hope she'll like it~ :D

If I'm not mistaken she said that she would use this as her desktop wallpaper. :XD:

And..I do know that Lawr's tattoo supposed to be embossed to his chess..but pls don't mind it, this is just my ignorance .. //shot// XDD

Vintage patterns (c)

Pose, style, and references are based on the commissioner's request.

Comments and critiques are highly appreciated.
Thank you! :love:
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uuung me want that coaaaaaat!
Lucie-P's avatar
huuu he's handsome *w*
ILtyPyra's avatar
D8 I read that manga a few months ago. It's depressing.

-Squiggles away to her corner to from the relapse of depressing manga..- v.V

-Unshots!- x3 I pet you for making pretty pictures!
Dopaprime's avatar
Aw..thank you ! :love:
ILtyPyra's avatar
Iurgium's avatar
that's awesome desktop wallpaper^^
Iurgium's avatar
you're welcome :hug:
Navio-Tantra's avatar
bagussss, gothic yeaah~
Dopaprime's avatar
loool...yeah~ :D
angelscorpse's avatar
I love this manga :love: one of my old favorites from Yuki-sensei~
Even if you changed his tattoo location you still did an awesome job with the coloring as always =D I love his hair
Dopaprime's avatar
LOL, really, I think I'm the only one who haven't read it, :lmao:


angelscorpse's avatar
lool it's only a one shot! you should read it 8Db /brick'd
hibariashley's avatar
Wow....Really amazing! I love the eyes...XD
Anjidu's avatar
*falls to floor in awe*
Dopaprime's avatar
*gives you a hand*
Anjidu's avatar
*smiles and hugs back*
FeuerKnight's avatar
coooooooooooooooooool D=
yuo're gonna go far =D
keep it up!"
Dopaprime's avatar
Thank youuu~~~ :iconaawplz:
FeuerKnight's avatar
you're welcome,dear nwn!!!
Remembrance7's avatar
btw am i allowed to use this wehreever i want right? of course crediting you :D
Dopaprime's avatar where if I may know? :D

Hmm,sure thing! :love:
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