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Captured by Amazons

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The Magic Collar

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The Dominant

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The Dragon King part 2

Part 2 Leaves crunched under Nella's sandaled feet as she marched alongside her towering bull-kin Captain. Nigellus rode atop his shoulder. Snake-kin were not made for long, strenuous marching. Nella kicked a pebble out of her path and smiled at the satisfying *thunk* it made against a nearby tree. "Tell me again, Captain," she said to Taro, "And speak slowly so I know I haven't gone mad. Our unit has had the highest confirmed kill rating of all the skirmishers. Our quadrant of the Great Forest has less than half the number of human attacks than any other. Hardened soldiers flee before us. And yet...we are being recalled from the front?" T

The Dragon King

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Minute Man 3


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Thunder Fist


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The Flaming C

Heromachine Misc.

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Rex The Wonder Dog


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