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The Creeping Doom

(created in HeroMachine)

The Creeping Doom, the most feared minion of crime lord Luis C. Feyr.

No one knows exactly what he is or where he came from. Perhaps he is a genetically engineered monstrosity. Perhaps he is a demon from beyond the veil. Whatever he is, he hungers for blood. Luis C. Feyr sends him out whenever someone has especially displeased him. No one dares ask what The Creeping Doom does with the people he is sent out to "deal with" but let's just say those skulls didn't get there by accident, and the smell of rotting flesh is always hanging around him.

When not being sent to kill someone The Creeping Doom can usually be found lurking in dark shadows in the corners of Luis C. Feyr's office, making strange chittering sounds. He sits there in his master's office, watching, studying, waiting...
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