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An idea I had for a more…morally ambiguous superhero. The word "panopticon" refers to a type of prison where cells are arranged around a central well, from which an overseer could observe (-opticon) all (-pan) prisoners without the prisoners being able to tell whether they are being watched.

His muscular structure is composed of a synthetic tissue ten times as dense as normal human muscle and infused with carbon fiber reinforcement, giving him the strength to lift a small ocean liner. His bones are laced with a unique titanium alloy and are unbreakable under almost any conditions. His body weighs several hundred tons. He would be completely immovable under normal circumstances, but Panopticon's superconductive nervous system allows him to manipulate his own gravitational field, allowing him to escape the Earth's gravity and fly at hypersonic speeds. As he flies his belt generates a force field in the shape of a Sears-Haack body ([link]) to reduce friction. His body is powered by an internal fission reactor that generates tremendous energy. That energy can be channeled through the metal bands on Panopticon's wrists and discharged in the form of focused energy blasts. His eyes can detect light well into the x-ray and infrared ranges and he can see as far as the planet Jupiter. His visor widens that range considerably, allowing him to perceive gamma rays and radio waves and glimpse the planet Neptune.

But the most impressive element of Panopticon's creation, the thing that made the entire project possible, was his artificial brain, created and programmed by Dr. Emil Chura.

Dr. Chura was a brilliant neurologist from the Ukraine who was obsessed with the concepts of law and justice. He pioneered brilliant new techniques in nerve repair and restoration, but his dream was to construct a true artificial brain. When his wife and daughter were murdered by the Soviets Dr. Chura defected to the United States and volunteered to help them build a super soldier to stop the expansion of Russian Communism. The Americans had a design for a super soldier body and they enlisted Dr. Chura to build an artificial brain to go with it.

Dr. Chura built them a brain, but not the one they asked for. Instead of a being devoted to capitalism, America, and the destruction of the Soviet Union, Dr. Chura created a brain that was interested in nothing more than dispensing swift and brutal justice. As soon as the Meta-Patriot was activated it raised its arm and incinerated the nearest scientist with a concentrated blast of nuclear fire. Before anyone could stop it the creature had killed everyone in the room, except Dr. Chura. Dr. Chura named the creature Panopticon and told it to keep watch over humanity, punish evil, and dispense justice. Then he closed his eyes and muttered his wife and daughter's names as he placed a gun to his temple and pulled the trigger.

Several years passed without incident. Then the dead body of an infamous international assassin fell out of the sky onto the White House lawn; the word "MURDER" and an image of an eye were burned into his chest. Forensic analysis determined that he did not die from the impact with the ground but from exposure to the vacuum of space. A week later the palace of an African dictator was atomized by a blinding beam of light that seem to come right out of the sky. The word "GENOCIDE" was burned into the sand in front of where the palace once stood, along with the same open eye symbol. A military satellite happened to be within a few hundred miles of where the beam originated. It detected a human-sized figure in orbit before it too was destroyed. In the following months several other criminals around the world began showing up dead with an eye symbol and the crimes they committed burned into their flesh.

The day after a woman reported being raped by multiple gang members their bodies were dumped on the steps of a rape crisis center with an eye and the words "RAPE" and "MURDER" burned into their chests.

A CEO under investigation for defrauding a children's charity was found dead in his home with the word "THEFT" burned into his chest, along with the familiar eye.

A woman accused of beating her own stepdaughter to death was found dead with the words "CHILD ABUSE" and an eye burned into her chest.

The message was clear. Panopticon is watching.
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Good god!  Is there anything that can kill this thing?
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It the Private Eye!!!!