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(created in HeroMachine)

Fukushū, Japanese for "vengeance". A Batman-like superhero.

Real name - Jake Yamato

The son of Japanese immigrants. His father was a former competition martial artist who opened a sushi restaurant in Diamond City. Because of his hatred for gangs his father refused service to a group of known gang bangers. The gang bangers turned violent and Jake's father ended up getting shot. With his dying breath Jake's father whispered the Japanese word for "vengeance".

Jake trained hard at martial arts after his father's death and eventually enlisted in the US Army, becoming part of the Special Forces. After his tour of duty he came home to take care of his ailing mother, only to find his old neighborhood had been devastated by years of gang warfare. Jake was enraged and vowed to drive the gangs out, single-handedly if necessary.

He adopted a demonesque costume to frighten criminals, calling himself Fukushū no oni ("demon of vengeance") which was later shortened to Fukushū ("vengeance"). Using his expert martial arts skills and various tricks and gadgets he cultivates a reputation as a quasi-supernatural being prowling the streets.
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i like the sinister look to it!