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Dynamic Pose Practice

Figured I'd fool around with the tools in HeroMachine to see if I could put a character in an action pose instead of the "standing still looking at the camera" pose.

And let me tell you, this was a bloody chore to get right. And I'm still not totally happy with it. The knees for example. There's only one set of "bent knees" body pieces in HeroMachine and both of them designed to work only with male body types. And they're meant for only a 90 degree bend, not the much wider arc in this picture, so I had to cover up her knees with the puffy pant legs.

I can only hope that as HeroMachine 3 is further perfected in the future they add more pieces for dynamic posing.

EDIT: On the advice of someone on the HeroMachine forums I used some clever tricks to erase the black line on her right shoulder.
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very nice one! how long you were doing this?
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A few hours. The real trick was getting the perspective to work. For instance, the right arm is just a shoulder/bicep piece and a fist piece with no forearm in between.

Also, the coloring hides a lot. The thigh and knee pieces for instance wouldn't line up at all no matter how hard I tried but the dark colors disguises it. If you could see this in black and white it would look horrible.