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Dream Weaver

By Doornik1142
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(created in HeroMachine)

Another superhero character. No backstory for her yet other than the fact that her powers are magic-based.

EDIT: On the advice of one of the guys over at the HeroMachine website I dialed back the alpha on the smoke effects so it wouldn't dominate the character so much.

EDIT2: Props to :iconyurasagi: for helping with the energy effects around the hands.
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So this Image really impressed me.

1st, the visual elements:The energy effect really captures the eye and draws you in. I really like it. The tiara over the mask is a nice touch, adding flavour and character, a nice personalization. The face is great, awesome shadows, I'd be interested to know how you got the mouth shadow that way. The costume design is just amazing, the only thing I would have done different would have been to mask the Insignia to the costume, unless your intent was to have it magically floating in front of her. Masking the Leafy vambraces to the arms was a nice touch, and added a nice colourful break in the chromatic symetry. The energy around the hands is a neat effect, but feels just slightly flat. I love how you created thigh-high boots by using spandex, I'll have to try that myself.

On to the technical aspects.
So like I said, the costume is amazing! great use of spandex to create a nice piecemeal costume. The boots are especially impressive, masking the trouser-stripes to the leggings in that way creates a wonderful effect. I would have continued it to the boots themselves, It can be difficult masking in such inconvenient elements, but with patience doable. An example of what I mean can be seen here: [link]
As for the Energy effect around the hands; I would drop the alpha to ~45%, and add swirling satellites of more similar energy circles or the like at even lower alpha, this would make it much more dynamic. Finally, I would try to eliminate the black line across her belly. I would do so in one of two ways; either masking an identically coloured piece of spandex to a suitable insignia and having it seamlessly cover the line, or alternatively, colour a suitable insignia or other shape and set the outline alpha to 0% just covering the line. I suppose you could hide it with energy as well. If the line is an intentional part of the Costume, you have my apologies. It really does not look bad, it just looks like it should all be one flowing, smooth piece.
Personally, I try to avoid Black outlines whenever possible. While it does provide a traditional Comicbook feel, it reduces the naturalism, and dynamism of an image, but that is just my opinion.
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Oh, and speaking of my "shared universe" idea, if you're still thinking about founding a HeroMachine group on DA I think a shared universe might make for a fun theme for the group. If you'd like to discuss it more, note me and we can trade some ideas.
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That could be a fun idea. However I envision a major aspect, or rather purpose of the group would be to practice technical skill, while sharing and critiquing techniques.

A more thematic zone, or similar forum as secondary feature would likely increase its overall value and enjoyment. So having a place to incorporate story, other mediums, and a joint community theme should be a great way to cooperate, and promote HM3.
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- The mouth shadow is actually part of the head. I decided to use a different head shape this time and when I colored it I found out the secondary color forms an interesting pattern on the face. You can't see the whole thing because of the mask but it looks a bit like Spawn's mask pattern.

- I wanted to mask the insignia to the costume but I couldn't. The thing is, that gold part in the center is already masked to the torso, and I can't mask two things onto one piece. I have an idea how to fix it and I might go back and change it, but for now I'm stuck with the insignia as is. Though now that you mention it, it did occur to me as I was making it that the insignia might be floating in front of her. It would've fit the character perfectly and been a really cool touch, but I couldn't figure out how to make it clear that it was a floating insignia. I also tried shrinking it down and adding a chain so it looked like a necklace pendant but the result looked a little too flat.

- Regarding the leafy vambraces: I considered NOT masking them to the arms at all to imply that they were swirls of magical energy (you'll notice they're both the same color as the swirls around her hands). What do you think about that?

- The line on her belly was not intentional. I tried all sorts of combinations to cover it up. Various belts, different arrangements of spandex, everything I could think of, but nothing came out looking right. Usually what I do to cover up inconvenient lines like that is place a square insignia piece over it (resized to just barely cover up the bad part) and color it the same as the costume underneath it. I don't know why it never occurred to me until now to do that. Go figure.

- I do see what you mean about black lines reducing naturalism and I don't necessarily disagree, but I actually kinda like the "comic book feel" it creates. In fact lately I've been workshopping some ideas about a comicbook-style shared universe for my HeroMachine characters to exist in, and I think the black outlines help emphasize that theme.
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I have some Ideas on how to fix the Insignia, it would be easier to show you than type it all out, IF you like, send me the text-string for her, and I can do it on the actual image. IF not, and in the meantime, I'll be on HM trying to mock up an example really quick-like. I suppose send the string via note? Either way, the basic concept would be to add another torso, or spandex item, then mask the Insignia to that. Then, toss the torso or extra spandex to the back. Also, I have a proverbial rule of thumb that I always follow in all my HM3 Work that greatly eases the design process, especially the layering: the VERY 1st thing i do before creating ANY design, is to put down the large rectangular background (top row, 1st column in Background/Shapes). I then set colours 2 & 3 to 0% alpha, and I choose a soft faded light colour that will not be used in the design, usually the top middle green, blue, or the soft pink. This serves 2 primary purposes. It reduces eyestrain as I stare at the design, instead of the harsh white, and it provides a neutral layer to act a s a "False 0" to throw objects behind for layering, masking, or temporary storage without deleting. When the design is complete, You either delete the background, or Make it white, or replace it with something better.
Anyway, I hope that helps.
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I'd like to try something to fix the insignia myself first. The idea I had was to layer the gold spandex piece over the torso but mask it to a square insignia shape that would be dropped to the bottom layer, then see if I can mask the insignia to the torso itself.
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i like pose the colors and eyes
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great colors :D
i like it :3
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Thanks. :D

This is definitely the most colorful HeroMachine creation I've made so far.
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np ;D
well i can see that! xD
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