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I never like to post what I write
I don't even like this one very much

I just feel like it kind of describes my state of mind in this past week.

Ever since my dog died, this is all I can think about. I just want him to be at peace.
I want to scrap this so that it won't be in my gallery, but I kind of want people to see it.

Oh well.
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We're reading Sufi tales in english and one talked about animal's unawareness of death and how they don't know what keeps them alive, they're just alive. The last line of the story was something like "How sad to be a fish, how great to be a man". It's making fun of humanity. It made me think about how humanity is so concerned about air and food and water and disease and all these things that we need (or have to avoid) to stay alive, but also how some people are so keenly aware that they are going to die, and that everyone is going to die. And it's kind of scary and sad but to me, it's a good thing. It's something that every living thing has in common. We all die, whether there's an afterlife or not. (Our teacher went in a completely different direction, but that's what I thought.)

Don't wish you weren't born, wish you were unaware. Don't ever wish you weren't born, please. Or maybe wish you could accept death, and then figure out a way to. It's better not to wish for impossible things, even though we always will, we're human after all.

This is late but I hope it helps?