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Name: Akina
Age: unknown
Species: dragon-african wild dog mix
Abillities: flying in speed, creating wind with her wings, fire breath, shooting lazers out of her gem in the armor,
Weapons using in fights and defend: fire breathing, claws, teeth, tail, she breaths fire wich is her commin attack. The rarest one is her lazer beam and is considered as a finishing move. Akina only uses it if she herself gets or if her enemy is revealing its weak spot. She can shove her enemies away with her wind but to a kaiju it affectw lesser then snaller buildings she bloes off by accident.
earth defender 100%
GDA 70%
Aliens 50% (she is only allies with megalon and gigan )
Mutants 20% (they kinda can be forgiven but due to the evil purposes most of them shared she is mostly enemies with them)
Kaiju relations:
godzilla 90%
Mothra 95%
Baragon 95%
Rodan 90%
Anguirus 85%
King caesar 100%
Varan 80%

Kiryu: 70%
Jet jaguar 70%
The rest of it
50% (because they are controlled by humans)

Megalon 100%
Gigan 90%


King ghidorah 70%
Mechagodzilla 1 70%
Monster x 70%

Destoroyah 80%
Biollante 80%
Titanosaurus 80%
Megaguirus: 80%
Spacegodzilla: 100%
Obsidius: 90%
Krystallack 90%
SHE IS my very first kaijusona.
Back then my favorite animals were the cute aftican wild dogs and I kinda refferenced myself as one. As I was writing a cringy fire emblem, princess mononoke and kaiju fanfic (WHITHOUT TO KNOW THE FIRE EMBLEM LORE BACK THEN AND WITHOUT WATCHING ANY SINGLE GODZILLA MOVIES )
I made myself as a hybrith of a pterodactyl, african wild dog and a dragon A AMULET HELPED ME TO TURN INTO

Then as I slowly got to know more of the franchise of godzilla I began to write a fanfic about me raising megalon as he hatched out of a asteroid crashing closer to my house and shit. And at the wnd as he got chased away I somehow turned intp this hybroth of dragon and african wild dog hybrith, looking for him and ending up in monsters island.
I even shipped thks creature with king caesar WAAAAAAY before sherajuna was planned. So akina is basically sherajuna as I was like 13 years old.
She wasnt complete brown. Where the dragon parts began she was green.

I kinda missed the silly design so I brought it back up but
1. She is just a kaiju now
2. She is in the team zenophlian alternate universe
3. She still is in this dimension shipped with king caesar
4. No one knows where she came from or how she turned like a dragon wild dog hybrith so she is sort of a mystery
5. She can communicate with humans and the monsters
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her toughts on humanity on me ? on *COMMUNİSM*