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Under the moonlight

Moonlight bathing like any other werewolf Werewolf Howl 

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Hatred the werewolf © :icondoomxwolf:
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© 2020 - 2021 DoomXWolf
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Well theres a villain

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Omfg *lovelovelovelovelovelove*
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keep drawing her i love this character

         Cute wolf girl dancing emoticon/avatar 
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She's a beautiful werewolf. It looks like she's seducing someone
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cute werewolf she needs a belly scratch
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The most feared form of hatred is the kind that is...



...and Unseen by the world that bask in her luminous light.

For that form of hatred is only know but those who

are wary

...of the sin

...that they carry deep within their own beating heart

Cause as you smile at the world that you feel has

wronged you

...hurt you

...and is unworthy of the love that you give to others

She simply watches as the pain consumes so she can



...and sharpens her claws on the soul that is weak

Yes hatred that is hidden from the world, born of

...your fear

...your anger

will always lead to your suffering, and will grow strong

as any other beast that feeds off of the soul that can't



...nor feel the love that the world trys to share with them.

authors notes i would say it but yoda says it better so i leave it at that

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Absolutely lovely!

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Totally sexy and cute, would pet lots
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A two-tailed werewolf? Shades of kitsune!
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She looks beautiful in the moonlight and cute if she's not trying to kill you
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Interesting 🧐 what will be next here especially when this one finds a it that we are watching her through the screen
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The night is beautiful thing
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Very great work :meow:
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Oh, that's very pretty! Love it so much!
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Traditional werewolves are terrifying beings with a curse. But this makes them more cute and not so cursed
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