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Tripped Down
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© 2017 - 2019 DoomXWolf
Stahp staring and go help her!, there's no nude version.

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Do NOT edit/alter my art

Krystal © Nintendo Starfox
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Comments (58)
NeptunePurpleHeart97's avatar
She's telling me to stop when she's spreading her butt? X3
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Sarryck's avatar
Sarryck|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Help her? She's already incredibly beautiful, she's perfect the way she is <3
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wilnet1tractor's avatar
I can't help it, I've got wandering eyes for beauty.
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risingstar1011's avatar
Protip: immediately helping her back up and asking "are you allright, miss?" has the potential to get you a lot better rewards than standing there like an idiot drooling at her bum.
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DoomXWolf's avatar
DoomXWolf|Student Digital Artist
exaclty! xD
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risingstar1011's avatar
As my uncle put it: "Starers and droolers are a dozen for a nickel. Be more expensive."
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bubbles46853's avatar
I would've helped her immediately.
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Black--Wave's avatar
Black--Wave|Professional Digital Artist
Guilty. X)
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MelodySilverpaw's avatar
My bad. I thought you were posing for something. :XD:
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JMShearer's avatar
*holds out hand*

Well, come on then...
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Feurdelis's avatar
Ehehehehehe, lovely work on her man! Love the pose you used here, as well as her adorable expression as well. Too damn cute for words. ;)
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Redakai74's avatar
Redakai74|Hobbyist Writer
But you are so curvy
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FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Quite fascinating to see this! Excellent work!
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Djidji-s's avatar
Djidji-s|Hobbyist Digital Artist
*Looking at her and smirk* >:3
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Jandreau's avatar
I am loving how you drew her feet <3333
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CaseyDecker's avatar
CaseyDecker|Hobbyist Artist
Krystal does look quite annoyed in this picture you've done of her in such a position, that's for sure. ;)
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A3Kitsune's avatar
         Krystal Icon 6 
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TheMercenary04's avatar
TheMercenary04|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Amazing anatomy work man, I would gladly help her and punched the perv but other than that, this looks amazing, I really like the different shades and light you made too!
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Sonicrailin's avatar
Sonicrailin|Hobbyist General Artist
[bends down and offers both hands] 

Come on gorgeous, lets get you back on you feet.
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Sonic808's avatar
Sonic808|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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DreamzAboutRenamon's avatar
Apparently the view Fox got at Sauria wasn't nearly enough...
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Music-S-Brush's avatar
Music-S-Brush|Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're holding your cheek, where else are the on-lookers supposed to look?

lovely picture.
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anonymous's avatar
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