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Medieval Vixen

By DoomXWolf
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Maid Marian was chosen by patrons as the pinup for this month, Had fun painting this one :3

High Res Pictures and more available on my Patreon

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Maid Marian © Disney Robin Hood
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© 2017 - 2021 DoomXWolf
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Absolutely stunning.
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My childhood= 🙃
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Very better that the Disney version,with great artwork and wonderful coloring!Congratulations!  :winner:
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Maid Marian, all covered up but still makes my nose bleed...Nosebleed Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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Who else has a crush on her?
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Heh. Maid Marian was literally the original reason I became a furry at age 6. I was absolutely head-over-heels, "died and went to heaven" massively in love with her. I repeatedly told my parents I was sooo jealous of Robin Hood.

This picture brings back many sweet and funny memories, and it also proves that anthro females don't have to be near naked or in stereotypically sexy poses to look beautiful. 
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Maid Marian! Good work! I love the movie!
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I know the movie called Robin Hood
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absolutely incredible, as always the best part are the eyes, although, i'd be lying if i said what is under them isn't good looking as well
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Maid Marian is so beautiful here. >/////<
This is well done. :3
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Ahhhh, Maid Marian, the vixen who inspired a whole generation of furries, and continues to inspire new ones.
So essentially, she's like my grandmother!! A really hot grandma who's aged beautifully..... hnnnngh!!!
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we certanly would had fun if you didnt paint clothes on this one :3

but nice art as always...
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there is a nude version on my Furaffinity
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i don't suppose you would be able to provide a link to said nude version now would you?
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you need to create a account on Furaffinity to be able to see nsfw material there =p
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thnx for the tipp
       never lose your muse...
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your art similar to he your master?
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i wouldn't say 'master'.

tho i did learn some stuff with his patreon
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i notice it on how u draw her right hand heh
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