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Goddess and her Maiden
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© 2017 - 2019 DoomXWolf
A little more naughty this time >:3

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Do NOT edit/alter my art

Taomon © Bandai
Amaterasu © Capcom Okami
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Comments (74)
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Allfather-Vohas|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Okay, This is just gotta be your best piece. The Lighting, the details, the emotion... It's just Rad.
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DAYAM!!! best hope chibiritsu doesn't see this........

Chibiritsu: mom? Why and you and the maiden naked out here?

Taomon: Well shit.........0///////0

Ammy: you did NOT see anything, am i clear?!
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Sonic808's avatar
Sonic808|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Can-Be's avatar
It's crazy my or furries are hotter and prettier than real women, not wanting to be weird, but already being, of course
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bubbles46853's avatar
The faces are the cutest part IMHO.  And I adore Ammy's swirls!  I want to rub her shoulders!  And her paws!
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Feurdelis's avatar

Love the scenery man, such a tranquil and breath-taking view, contrasted with the very NAUGHTY female stars here, Ama's face is spectacular, rivaled only by Taomon's. 
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Sarryck|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Naughty Amaterasu is pretty sexy. Also her smile is cute!
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A3Kitsune's avatar
           Kawaii fox Cute wolf girl dancing emoticon/avatar 
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JORGESKUNK|Hobbyist Digital Artist
nice pic amaterasu looks very hot
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Redakai74's avatar
Redakai74|Hobbyist Writer
So sexy
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Misty15ARTS97's avatar
Misty15ARTS97|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So. Much. YES!!! Love 
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Micheal81shadilver's avatar
Micheal81shadilver|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Love it:)
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xXSCHIZXx's avatar
xXSCHIZXx|Hobbyist General Artist
Damn this is nice
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fouadzahiri's avatar
fouadzahiri|Student Traditional Artist
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DoomXWolf's avatar
DoomXWolf|Student Digital Artist
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NOVFOX-13's avatar
NOVFOX-13|Hobbyist Writer
Nice ^_^
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DoomXWolf's avatar
DoomXWolf|Student Digital Artist
thank you
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Daro1234frog's avatar
Daro1234frog|Hobbyist Artist
U la la :3
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KGH786's avatar
KGH786|Student Filmographer
ALL THE YES!!!Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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sithwolf|Hobbyist Writer
never change my brother never change.
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i was given the chance to be one with mother sun
to see through her wisdom and see where eternity
had begun a new with droplets of dew dripping so 
gently from my eyes as the tears of this simple maiden 
who grew so close to her sovereign praised with words 
of cherished chorus that i see unworthy to be given to
such a simplicity that is a doubting vixen priestess

I shied away form my mother sun who smiled so warm
as the melts of winters darkened hopes slip to allow thee
naked beauty to expose itself to me , why has she chosen
me of all those who poster and pose with all they know
in the hopes to get even a glance of notoriety from her rays
that obey none but love all that has become one with her
natural beauty pure and white as the light she shines forth

I feared my mother sun for she shone for me as she shone
for all those who spoke as i but noted my eyes as they adored
her wise tales of life and passing and her artistry of hope that groped
my attention like a lover that i dreaded she not accept me to be
for she of all creatures of all mothers would spit upon this incestial
celestial desire that fanned my fire till i was begging for just...
her eyes to wander and her light cease to inspire this liar of worth

For i will forever love my mother sun who lifts my chin to her light
un-blinding yet perpetually binding my soul to her whims my heart
to her touch and my body to her voice and though i try to disclose
and impose my heart towards all but her i hear her giggle knowing 
yet not imploring on these feelings that i refuse to show so please
oh mother sun see me as i see you and love me as i love you for i
this lowly vixen priestess desire a glancing selfish wish and that is
to have once more chance to be one with my mother sun. 
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DoomXWolf's avatar
DoomXWolf|Student Digital Artist
Love this one, nice job man =3
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sithwolf's avatar
sithwolf|Hobbyist Writer
thanks doomy  glad you do i don't know how youtube would treat the picture if i posted it though lol  but as always great work 
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dragonheart07's avatar
dragonheart07|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Cute. ^^
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