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Digi-bottoms up

By DoomXWolf
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What a nice, big, round EYES you have Renamon -w- Pervy emoji 

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Digimon © Bandai Saban
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*picks up what seems to be a sleeve* The hell is this?
Trevoso's avatar

Hmmmm I want lick it mmm😋😋😋

Wolfpridex's avatar
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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Can-Be's avatar
This position is sooooooooo

Lovely cuppa 

And she's very pretty. Clap 
This may be the best rear shot you've given us of Renana
Those glowy blue eyes are fantastic in the shade of her body as well!
DoomXWolf's avatar
no sir, thank YOU! :3
no THANK YOU lol, really you make the best Renamon art hands down. The golden standard all others fail to compete with.
DeadSkullable's avatar
Guilmon: Blushing 

Renamon: Tomoyo Blushing Icon 

Guilmon: (Eats bread slowly)

DawnFelix's avatar
Takato:...Rose blush

Renamon: Do not look you perv! Saitama Angry Icon

Takato: I-I'm sorry! Haruka Nanami (Shy and Blush) [V2]
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Despite the view up top, those eyes definitely draw you in.  You always give them this...hyper blue look.  It's really pretty.
DoomXWolf's avatar
thank you so much x3
Atticus-Kotch's avatar
You're welcome man.  I always enjoy seeing your Renas.  :)
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Awesome ^_^
Also welcome back!
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Beautiful pose, and such a lovely view.
sokesamurai's avatar
Yoga's good for the back I hear.
DoomXWolf's avatar
owo good indeed
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            Fox emoji - hearts 
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