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Brighter Than the Sun.

By DoomXWolf
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Kinda cheesy title. but i liked how it turned out;

Hope you like too =3
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Beautiful sexy Renamon! :love:

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Sexy foxes are hot as the fire that burns in the core of the sun!
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You know what's brighter than her? Checking your phone in the middle of the night with the brightness at max.
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Hotter then the sun too, eh?
"sans shakes head
Yang shakes head
Barbara shakes head
Toriel shakes head"
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Beautiful. Great job! Her eyes look beautiful. =3
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One of my favorite Renamon arts of ALL!
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A goddess of gold and amethyst.  A true wonder!
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ahh wut sun ???
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Hey renamon, you are 100X hotter, want a kiss?Hug Hug Hug Life Heart Life Heart Life Heart 
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Hello there, I can help you with something?  Anything?
This here is a young lady that is truly Brighter then the sun.
Thank you for sharing.
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* Nosebleeds * Enough I had with this
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Nice! Really nice!
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you and your sexy renamon pictures
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She looks a bit thin around the mid-section, but other than that she looks good.
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Me like the muscle tones, form and the color.
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Please Renamon seduce me
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