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...And I'll go into people's houses at night and wreck up the place!

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Are we there yet?
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~Everywhere I go
Bitches always owe.~
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I love it when artists actually draw Nappa in a more realistic appearance like this. Great job.
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For some reason, I can hear Nappa singing the doom song.
Wow this is pretty damn well drawn, brovo to the artist. 
 Krillen: Are you here for the dragon balls.

Nappa: No.

Vegita: Nappa, be nice.

Others: Who are you guys?

Vegita: I am Vegita, the prince of all saiyens.

Keillen: You're a prince?

Nappa: No.
 You gotta love these two in the Abridged, Vegita is the Heart of Team 3 star. I love how he and Nappa play off each-other.
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while posing
N: vegata are we done yet
N: are we done yet
N: are we done yet
N: are we done yet
N: are we done yet
N: are we done yet
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Vegeta has always been a right lil' shit and his expression here adds to it XD As for Nappa....why do I feel like he should be in the WWE or something? O.o Good work love this pic n.n
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I actually bought a print of this from you at a comic con, it's really good. You should do Cell's final form.
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Vegeta looks like Loki. And, Napa looks like a butler.
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"What is it, Nappa?"
"...I can FLY."
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....uhhhh....aaaa....I....sigh...yes Nappa....yes you can.
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Whoa that's badass! :)
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I honestly have to say that this is the most astounding DBZ fanart that I've come across in dA. It's like you painted this on paper!
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oh damn..such a great painting
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I saw vegeta and nappa
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I haven't got words to describe this
It's incredible. All the colors the background and GOD, they are so cool haha
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Hi! I liked this picture so much that I featured it in this News article ([link]) and in this journal of mine ([link]). It's simply stunning! If you wish to see other Dragon Ball-related high quality images, you can have a look at that News article, and (again, if you wish) you can press the green "loved it" button under the title, so yours, and the other featured pictures, can get much exposure. Thanks a lot for sharing such a masterpiece.
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