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When giant robots invade.


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Now if only the movies had been like this.
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this perspective makes me feel smal
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news reporter: Megatron what do you think of Obama health care plan?
Megatron: Your planet need new leader ship. My leader ship muahahahahaha!
Sweet-Cadbury's avatar
Bought a print of this from you at Motaku, my husband loves it! Thank you! :)
sachikouderzo's avatar
TRIPPY! I', feeling all sorts of emotions! :icondragonwant: :icondragonhiplz: :icondragonshock:
Hexadermia's avatar
Suddenly this is not a cartoon anymore. I'm so scared :'(
Midn1ghtcat's avatar
Humans are doomed
XxDe-JixX's avatar
I feel like I should save him the trouble and just die where I'm sitting. :XD:
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LadyAdrielaHobbyist General Artist
you did an amazing job on this! :clap:
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TheFriendlyFireHobbyist Digital Artist
Waaaaaaw!! Well done! :clap:
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F*ck its super duper awesome!!!!!!!! :iconwowplz:
shadowinged's avatar
Well, that's a... fun Monday morning.

Why is SS perched on Megatron's shoulder? Is he a parrot? Is Megs a pirate??
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Awesome job!
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Jada-ClashHobbyist General Artist
It looks very realistic, i can imagen this
shadowinged's avatar
I got chills. ;A;
NiGhT-sTaLkEr13's avatar
NiGhT-sTaLkEr13Hobbyist General Artist
This is a beautiful painting. Really nicely done here. And I love how dark and powerful Megatron looks. Excellent work! :)
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Spartan-10Hobbyist General Artist
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XxAutoconxXStudent General Artist
XD Epic.
KawaiiSonicChao's avatar

i'm loving the upwards angle and everything~ <33
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Ha-HeePrimeHobbyist Traditional Artist
Holy crap this is awesome!
Sooo dynamic, and the little reporter and soldiers really add to the power.
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ILJacksonProfessional Digital Artist
Hell yeah. Old school Megatron.
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I lovinate this to death
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