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D and Left Hand from Vampire Hunter D.

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D: I need you to swallow this spell.
Lefty: You're a slave driver, you know that?
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Is it just me, or Lefty lokks a bit chibi here? Oh, well, an yway great picture! :#1"
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i hope noone else has said this but... to me i totally thought the name for this piece should of been "talk to the hand"
actually i would love that, if someone drew a piece of d saying that to someone and just letting the hand go on and on. the person would be deeply disturbed by him hahaha
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Actually there IS a comics about it.
Here ( [link] )to be exact.
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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, well i didnt mean quite like that but yes that was good thank you
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I dont think ive seen his left hand smile like that but otherwise this is a perfect piece which should be admired.
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this is good and I like how you made the face on his hand the center. When I saw this that was first thing I looked at!
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=D HELL YEA..bout time i found a good D =D
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Lefy you really shouldnt smile like that. It'll make little kids cry! (not to mention it scares the shit outta me! XD)
The CG is very well done! I love Vampire Hunter D!

p.s. Is it just me or does D's left arm look like its in a awkard position?
It would be weird to wank with Left Hand. That is the best work yet Jeff.
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Lovely :D D rocks my socks!
cool i like this alot.
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sweet work, definitely more refined and working that way. I like your choice of minimal colours and using the light to draw the shape out of the black areas, I think Left hand should be bigger in perspective or his head a bit smaller, proportion-wise, but I'm a nutcase when it comes to foreshortening ;P
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The foreshortening issues have been noted, so I'll get to fixing those soon-ish. Thanks for the heads up, and I'll see you around.
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well, your better than me, I never have the energy to retacle work ;P
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Wow, neat. Definitely one of your more....I hate to say finished....but refined pieces.
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How true, I agree. We're going to spend all of next week going back to the old pieces to give them that last polish.
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=) working hard like always I see. Nice job :)
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Wow. Just wow. You just made me love D even more!
Extremely well done.
His face is outstanding.
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This stands on its own very well, too.
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