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Harmony, Life of the Earth

By DoomSp0rk
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This is an art piece for Nightfall in Equestria.

Harmony is the fifth and last of the major gods that preside over the plane known as "Equestria."  She is the patron god of growth, survival, nature, seasons, community, and friendship.  Her most devout followers are, in fact, not one of the pony tribes -- the deerfolk pay her the most respect.  Harmony protects both wilderness and the "civilized" areas of Equestria, maintaining balance between Equestria's sentient races and the wild things which populate its outer reaches.  Her signature item is her celestial staff, which serves as a focal point for mana from all over the plane.  According to legend, every day of Equestria's history is recorded on the length of that staff, and when it runs out of room, then the world will end.  Its name is Arbore, Staff of Seasons.

In other news, I'm currently accepting commissions.  Prices are negotiable!
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She kind of looks exactly like I imagined Terra from "The Immortal Game(…)"?  Well, of cause adult Terra has a darker theme to her, but this could very well be a picture of her youth.

Damn, even her cutie mark fits!
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Yes, I did derive a large amount of inspiration from The Immortal Game by AestheticBrony.  That story is one of my top five favorite MLP fanfictions, and with good reason.
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Yes, that it is.
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Aw beatiful who are he over goods
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This looks just amazing :D
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Harmony: "It's always nice to see my domain in full bloom...isn't it, Wuffles?" *leans down and nuzzles an Ursa Major, the titanic star-bear smaller than a mouse by comparison*

***Down Below***

General Pincer:
[Looking up at the towering Equine Goddess, with a deadpan expression] "Well. It seems we either picked the absolute best spot for a picnic, or the absolute worst." *Takes a bite of his sandwhich*

Antennae: "I think we'll be fine, Daddy--Harmony didn't get a name like that for nothing, right? ...Though you may want to tell your Pray-tore-ian Guards to stop staring at her flank."
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[The Praetorian Changeling Guards' stares at the oblivious Harmony's flank were interrupted when a great shadow was cast over them. When they turn to see what it was, they found, to their horror, the face of Oceanus, the titanic Alicorn god of the Underworld, staring back at them, the very air around him reeking with death and decay in contrast to Harmony's gentle aura of life and warmth] 

Oceanus: [Calmly, but menacingly] "If you mortals do not cease your shameless action, this instance, I have in my realm special places for you all for when I finally come to claim your souls. And I will make sure your eternity in Tartarus shall not be enjoyable in the least!"

Praetorian Changeling Guards: :fear: "RUN AWAY!" 

[As the Praetorians scurry to the four winds - to the consternation of General Pincer and laughter of Antennae, Harmony turned to Oceanus as he lifted up his head]

Harmony: "Thank you for that, Oceanus dear! But was it truly necessary to scare the armor off of them? You know boys would always be boys..."

Oceanus: "True, but the mortals need to learn to show proper respect, and penance for their actions; and sometimes, the only way to do that is by instilling the terror of death and thereafter down unto their souls. They had gotten off easy; I was planning to raise a horde of undead to have them devoured on the spot, if not do it myself."

Harmony: "Oh sweetheart, I sometimes think you're being too hard on them. Gods like us can be caring and gentle, even if one is suppose to be firm." [Looks up and smile at Wuffles, the Ursa Major, who's currently sleeping with her cub on the top of her head in the comfort of her mane] "Beside, we already packed our own lunch, and we certainly don't want to scare the little Changeling child and her father right here with that sort of display."

General Pincer: "Apologies, your divine majesties! These Praetorians are still green-horns - They still haven't been fully disciplined! I'll make sure that they do when I get back to work!"

Antennae: "Hi! Can I have your autograph, Ms Harmony? And eh... if you don't mind me asking; what are you two doing here together?"
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Harmony: *Giggles* "Hello there, little one! I'd gladly give you my autograph--not what most mortals ask of me when I meet them face-to-face, but how could I refuse someone as adorable as you?"

[The towering Nature Goddess whistles, and within seconds, a massive swarm of butterflies of all sizes and colors fly in and surround Antennae and General Pincer. The two Changelings are carried up, up, and up onto Harmony's hoof, and she holds them up to her muzzle, smiling as she sits on her haunches]

Harmony: "Nice little trick, no?" [Winks] "Now, about that autograph..."

[Much to Antennae's delight, Harmony keeps up the spectacle: animating vines to grab a quill and sign her autograph in Antennae's little book. While this is happening, Oceanus leans in to General Pincer]

Oceanus: [Under his breath] "You have the quite the brave child there, Changeling. Most mortals would be prostrating themselves at so much as SEEING a god this close, much less TWO."

General Pincer: [Intimidated, but with an air of snark] "Or hear them talk so casually of sending undead horrors to devour mortals alive for annoying them. Or doing so themselves..."

[Meanwhile, Harmony has finished signing her name, her vines giving Antennae her book back. The little Changeling filly hugs the goddess's muzzle in thanks, earning a chuckle from Harmony]

Oceanus: [Chuckles Darkly] "Not as bad as what Harmony can do when she's been pushed too far. She is Nature itself, and that includes predators..."

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[Thanks. But, no response?]
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Nah. Can't think of any and I'm a bit burnt out. 
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Alright, cool.

If the Sisters show up and see Changelings hanging around Aunt Harmony's forest, things may get awkward....
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She is gorgeous--such a gentle air about her, but you can really tell she's got the power of, literally, a goddess.
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WHOA! This is awesome and beautiful! I LOVE it!!
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I actually have a character similar to him.

Quercus, the Alicorn of Nature.
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O.O  well, this is awesome.
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