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Kalani "POV"

"Broken Shield"

     …Yes, I know I've been silent for the past three minutes, it's just…It still shocks me that anypony, therapist or no, would come here, to griffon country, just to make sure we're doing fine to. Yes, I know, griffon's haven't eaten ponies in ages, but, still. It seems a long, dangerous trek for something so…. But, I apologize, you asked me to answer some questions, not brow beat you for coming all this way.

You want to start with questions about me? Background huh? Alright, well, my name is Kalani. I know, I know, stupid, but my parents assure me it means "warrior of the sky" or something corny like that. Obviously, I'm a griffon. Uh, went to flying school in Cloudsdale, same as any, came back, and started looking for a job of some kind. I didn't know if it was going to be forever, or just long enough to survive. Yeah, I went to school at the same time as Gilda, and yes, I knew that pony she palled around with as well. Now, before you get going, let me clear the air: All griffons aren't like Gilda. I, personally, have no problem with ponies, and I know a few griffons who'd agree with me.  Now, that's not to say Gilda's a bad griffon, she's just…Gilda. Ya just gotta…get used to her, ya know? And me? I had plenty of time to get used to her, and her pony friend. That… That…give me a minute I'll remem- Rainbow Dash! That was it!
See, if you wanna get by anywhere, you've gotta have someone. At least a friend. And to me? A lonely chick in a new place, surrounded by new creatures? I latched onto Gilda. Can you blame me? And so, I got to know Rainbow Dash as well. Gil, Dash, and I flew together all the time, pulling pranks, hanging out, and being the best dang fliers in the place, naturally. I've really got no great stories from those days, just memories. But, school ended, and the three of us, Gil having been adopted by ponies, split up. We tried to keep in contact, but…Well, you know how it is. Life gets to you.

        Haha, sorry, I know you didn't come here to listen to me reminisce about the good ol' days. You came for the recent damage, the bad times. The Day of Discord, as I hear you ponies are calling it. The real reason Celestia sent you.

********"That day…."*********

I was…keeping an eye on the younger ones. Hatchlings, chicks, you know. What was odd was, I've watched these nests all the time since I got back. It was almost a hobby of mine, making sure they were safe.  I knew how it was to be alone, so I wanted to make sure every chick had their big brother. And though I know I've seen every hatchling, I didn't recognize this one. However, I watched as he took off from the rest. Naturally, I gave chase, wanting to make sure he didn't fall off a cliff, or something, since he couldn't fly. Little parasprite was fast to. It took me a while to get to him, but when I did… when I did….

He was stopped, sitting on a high cliff, turned to face me. If I didn't know any better I'd say he was…he was…watching me. Waiting for me! But that'd be impossible, he was just a hatchling… Haha, I could've sworn he opened his beak, and spoke in a voice far too old for that little body.
"Oh, there you are, Kalani. I was beginning to wonder when you'd catch up." I blinked, shocked at what I thought I heard. "Oh, no," He assured me. "you're hearing me right. I pulled you away because I wanted to have a…chat with you. Something that's bothering me, since I'm just an itty, bitty, gwiffon." Hearing the baby talk in that voice…I don't know why, but it sent shivers down my spine. "Kalani, dear Kalani, warrior of the sky. You'd give anything for us hatchlings, wouldn't you?" He stared at me, waiting for an answer. For some reason, I decided to play along, responding to this obvious hallucination. Maybe I was dreaming, maybe it was the thin air, I still don't know
              "Well, yeah. You know that. I'd do anything to protect you little fuzz-butts."
"Oh, how touching. Than how, Kalani, are you going to protect us from the ponies?"

"Th-The Ponies? What're you talking about?"
"Isn't it obvious? They're taking over. Look at them. They've made us stop eating what our ancestors did, chased one of us that used to be a friend out of their town, and they're ever-expanding." It was then I knew I was dreaming. Even if this little hatchling was talking, there's no way he could've known my secret fears.  "And the princesses that control the sun and the moon are both ponies." Especially that one. I'd never shared that one. Whoops! I guess I just did, haha. Anyways.
             "Wh-What are you talking about?" I asked.
             "Even you can't protect us from an Alicorn." He told me. I was shocked, and more than a little upset. If it meant protecting these hatchlings, I'd try!
            "Oh come on. Big brother Kalani can do anything, remember!?"
            "And do you know who's leading the charge? Why it's Princess Luna, Nightmare Moon. You know, she still hates us. Still thinks we're pony eaters. She thinks that the world is better off without us mean ol' predators. And she thinks the younger we're gone, the better."
            "…What are you saying..?" I asked slowly. I admit it. I was getting suckered in by this dream. It was just all so real! "Even if you were right about that, Celestia knows better. She wouldn't-"
            "Oh, wouldn't she? What does she have to gain, protecting pony eaters? Ponies won't even come near here, for fear of being gobbled up. She wouldn't be hurt at all. But don't change the subject, Kalani, you and I both know that Nightmare Moon isn't going to be nice about our deaths. Not after everypony we griffons killed and ate. No, Nightmare Moon is going to make it last. And she's going to start with us poor, innocent hatchlings. Least than, if she gets run off, she's stopped the generation, and instilled fear." The hatchling suddenly looked scared, covering itself with it's not-yet-developed claws. It's voice fell down to a voice more appropriate for it's size. "A-And I don't wanna die slow! If I gotta die. I'm going to go quick!" It was so surreal, hearing a hatchling talk about death and suicide, I didn't even notice the little hatchling moving. Slowly, he got up, and moved towards the edge. "Good-bye Kalani! Do the right thing!" He said. It was then I realized what was happening, and I dashed forwards, moving as fast as I could. But…

It was to late…The hatchling toppled over the cliff. I looked down, and watched in horror as he bounced off the cliff, and careened out of sight… Funny, looking back, I remember… I remember the clouds didn't seem so blue…the canyons, not so red. Everything just sorta looked….gray…I panicked, and ran back to the nest, terrified of what I'd find. I still don't know why.  If Nightmare Moon was already there, I'd have known about it. But she was coming. There's no way that wasn't true. As I ran down, I expected to wake up, to have this all be some sort of nightmare. But I didn't… had to be true. Nightmare Moon was coming. As I turned to the nest, I saw the hatchlings, all so innocent, so sweet, so full of potential. And as I stepped in, I could've sworn I heard that little hatchling laughing. It was so…mocking. So full of itself.  And it didn't stop. It never stopped! Not even as I…As I...!!

The pink pegasus, her mane a soft, calming yellow, leaned in slightly. Could this be it? The source of the patients problems? The griffon looked down, repeating the words "As I…As I…" As though he were a broken record. She sighed, leaning back again. So close, and ye-
Just then, the griffon snapped forwards, his dulled claws wrapping around the doctor's throat, slamming her into the wall.
            "I killed them!!" He screeched, a sudden fury in his eyes. "Every last one! I snapped their necks!! I ripped their hearts out with my beak! I stepped on them! I killed them all! Because of you!!! You ponies!!! You couldn't be happy with what you had, could you!?" At the mares choking response, he pulled his captive back and slammed her into the wall again. "COULD YOU!?" He cried again. "NO!! You had to come! I HAD to save those hatchlings from what you would've done!!! What was the POINT of defending them against an army like yours!?!?! I had no choice but to kill them!! It was the ONLY WAY TO DEFEND THEM FROM YO-Gaagh!" The griffon cried out in pain as he was rammed backwards, dropping the doctor. Screeching and swiping at the earth ponies who held him down, it took one of the guards, a deep blue unicorn with a white mane and a sheep on his flank, a few tries to touch his forehead with her horn, the spell lulling the enraged griffon to a restful sleep. The doctor fled into the hall, hooves to her throat and gasping air, making sure she could breath and she was away from the creature that had nearly killed her. Even as the padded cell closed and locked, the doctor was still shaken. It took her a few minutes to calm down. It seemed every time he'd paused, he'd been holding back that fury. Still, she needed to get her wits back about her. This was the furthest they'd ever gotten with the monochrome griffon. There was still a lot of work to be done, he was still convinced the whole thing was a bad dream, or that it didn't happen at all, and he was still home, but at least they were making progress…
I was inspired by the great, great fan-fic series by alexwarlorn, and decided I wanted to give it a shot. This is obviously a play on his work, and I'll see what he thinks of it.
Tell me what y'all think of it to!
Sorry, I'm no good at descriptions.
© 2011 - 2021 Doomsdaylee
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wow, thought the ponies had it harsh.
alexwarlorn's avatar
Your grammar is a disaster.
And this is a BRILLIANT and CHILLING deconstruction of the ponies relationship with others, true, it's from a distorted POV meant to drive the victim to reject their point of view, but it's still rather creepy. And of course the logical statement that it's not fair to judge an entire species on one person.
Doomsdaylee's avatar
Hm, I didn't think the grammar was that bad. But then, this is my first attempt at first person writing, and it was done at 1 in the morning...with pain killers. ><
However, as for the rest of your review, I'm very proud to hear you say that, and thank you very much!
alexwarlorn's avatar
I'll admit the character personally knowing mane characters like that is kinda cheap, but his corruption by Discord is still brilliant! And a POV we never think of.
Doomsdaylee's avatar
Agreed, and I hated myself for doing that, however, it simply follows. He's around the same age as Gilda, so he would've been in the same classes. And he wouldn't exactly be so quick to hang out with ponies from day one, so he'd have hung with Gilda, and, by proxy, Dash.
That's why it's kind of mentioned in passing. He barely remembers Dash since she wasn't HIS friend, she was Gilda's, but Gilda being his friend...
alexwarlorn's avatar
Doomsdaylee's avatar
Better than him SOMEHOW knowing all of the mane cast, and being bestest best friends with all of them, or Dash being his super best friend, even today, I figured.
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